Espressive and AWS

Espressive and AWS

Espressive and AWS

Espressive leverages the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver Espressive Barista, our AI-based virtual support agent, as a cloud-based SaaS service. With AWS, we are able to provide the exceptional experience of a consumer-based app to enterprise customers.

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With Espressive and AWS, Use Cases Have No Limits

Access Request
Laptop Refresh
  • Granting access to applications was taking a disproportionate amount of time from help desk agents
  • Waiting for application access was causing employees to lose productivity
  • Aging laptops were creating a financial risk
  • Asset management was costly
  • Managing requests was cumbersome
  • Barista automates the process of granting access to applications via the Okta API
  • Barista integration with ServiceNow enables automatic generation of software entitlement information
  • Barista proactively notifies employees when laptops need refreshing
  • Employees have an Amazon-like shopping experience
  • Delivery is automatically coordinated for remote employees
  • Deflection rate for all help desk requests (not just application access) reached 40% just six weeks after deploying Barista
  • Productivity was significantly improved for both help desk agents and employees
  • Over 300 laptops were refreshed in the initial global rollout
  • The program has been highly adopted due to a “fun” employee experience
  • Saves time, reduces financial risk, and keeps employees productive

The Requirement for Conversation-Level Speed

CIOs have recognized that artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots has the potential to solve two key problems: (1) low adoption of employee self-service portals, and (2) high service desk call volumes.

That assertion is correct, but it brings the requirement for conversation-level speed. Espressive delivers conversation-level speed by working with AWS.

Modern Apps Require a Modern Architecture

Unlike legacy ITSM solutions that use per-customer virtual machines (VMs), Espressive takes advantage of an elastic architecture with a modern, container-based design.

  • The AWS EC2 architecture supports the performance requirements of AI-based applications
  • AWS multiple data center availability, combined with the stateless connectivity of Barista, ensure maximum availability
  • The container-based architecture leverages the on-demand scalability of AWS to deliver continued performance, even at peak loads with thousands of users

Redefine How Your Employees Get Help

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