Coronavirus: Our Pandemic Policy Just Changed . . . Again!

By Pat Calhoun • March 25, 2020

Earlier this week I published a blog about what we learned since Coronavirus started impacting our customer base. I held back on one key learning because I knew that we were announcing some key new Barista capabilities today.

The key learning? One of the biggest challenges faced by our customers over the past couple of weeks was that their policies were constantly evolving, and they were very different for each city, state/province, and country.

With most conversational AI platforms, this would require creating new content, and retraining (which is resource intensive). For some vendors, this would require customers to send the new content to the vendor and then wait for their tenant to be retrained – which could take days or weeks.

Here is what we announced today:

  • Unique FAQ Management Tool: Allows Customers to Easily Make Updates in Minutes
    Espressive is the only conversational AI platform that enables subject matter experts to create new content without requiring any assistance from IT or the ITSM team. With the FAQ Dashboard, any subject matter expert, across any enterprise department, can type in a simple phrase and Barista will guide them through adding, changing, or deleting content. At the same time, they can provide different responses based on job role, location, and more. With this capability, we have truly democratized the management of content and created a platform that can scale to the largest of organizations with zero bottlenecks.
  • Dynamic Knowledge Base (KB) Import: Ingests and Processes Thousands of KB Articles in Seconds
    Organizations are constantly creating new KB articles, and one of the challenges with conversational AI platforms is the training process. Typically, the author of the KB would need to inform a technical machine learning resource of the new content, which would lead to an AI training process (which also requires significant testing). Again, with some vendors that provide a completely black box approach, this requires the KB to be sent to the vendor, who would then train their chatbot. With Espressive, we will automatically detect new or updated KBs and automatically consume them. Yes, it is kind of magical.

With these two new capabilities, we have completely changed the landscape of conversational platforms by fully automating and enabling the whole organization to collaborate in creating a better outcome for all employees. Together with our Employee Language Cloud and advanced NLP, customers will be able to respond quickly to ever changing policies due to pandemics or natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes, and more.

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