Barista Redefines How Employees Get Help

Espressive received the highest possible score in the Chatbot Readiness criterion.

Getting Help Just Got Easier

Barista, our virtual support agent (VSA), brings the ease of consumer virtual assistants, such as Alexa and Google Home, into the workplace, delivering a personalized user experience that maximizes employee adoption and reduces help desk call volume.

80 to 85%

Employee Adoption

Barista provides employees with immediate answers, proactively notifies them of outages or other important events, and continues to interact with them throughout the entire lifecycle of their requests. Barista also helps guide employees through complex processes with ease, such as new hire onboarding, password reset, vacation requests, and more.

50 to 70%

Reduced Call Volume

Barista enables help desk agents to focus on what matters most by automatically answering questions and resolving issues for employees. If Barista opens a case, it is prioritized and routed to the right team with context. When outages occur, Barista automates detection and notification, and categorizes outage related tickets to a parent. Barista also simplifies catalog creation.

Barista Changes Everything
With Exceptional Employee Experiences

What does it mean when you are able to achieve employee adoption rates of 80 to 85% and reduce help desk call volume by 50 to 70%?

Here’s what it means to the CIO:

Moving budget from
answering questions
to strategic programs
Furthering the
AI initiative for
your enterprise
Inheriting AI talent
that you didn’t
have to hire
Improving the
perception of IT enterprise wide
reducing mean time
to resolve (MTTR)

Why Employees Adopt Barista


  • Gives me time
    back in my day
  • Makes me more
  • Increases my
    job satisfaction
  1. Provides personalized
    answers to questions
    and resolution to issues
  2. Guides employees
    through complex
  3. Engages an expert and
    stays in the conversation
    through resolution
  4. Provides easy to
    access contact info
    for your team
  5. Proactively notifies
    of outages or other
  6. Provides an
    shopping experience


  • A consumer-like
    app experience
  • Available on mobile
    and desktop
  • One place to go
    for all questions
  • Immediate,
    personalized answers
  • No more searching
    through knowledge
    base articles

Why Help Desk Agents are Thrilled


  • 80-85% employee adoption
  • 50 to 70% reduced call volume
  • 40% increase in
    productivity during outages
  1. Automates answering
    of questions and
    resolution of issues
  2. Outage detection and
    notification plus tickets
    categorized to a parent
  3. Machine learning
    predicts fields in
    ITSM like category
  4. Tickets are routed
    to the right team
    with context
  5. Integrates into
    ServiceNow, Workday,
    Slack, and more
  6. Integrates
    into existing
    ITSM tools


  • No longer answering the same question over and over again
  • No longer inundated with calls, emails,
    and tickets related to outages
  • Less time required gathering context and rerouting tickets
  • No more complex
    and lengthy catalog creation
  • Agents don’t need to change how they work with ITSM tool integration

Barista Case Management –
Why Should IT Have All the Fun?

Chances are IT has an IT service management (ITSM) tool that works for them but is too expensive and complex to deploy across the enterprise. Barista Case Management is an easy but powerful way for internal service providers such as HR, Payroll, Facilities, and Sales Operations to improve the experience and quality of support that they offer to employees.

With Barista, IT can keep using their tool, while the rest of the enterprise can use Barista Case Management. Barista is smart and can predict which team can handle a given request, so employees no longer need to guess which team can help. Barista does that for them.

Simple and fast

for internal teams
to use

Focus on interacting

with employees vs. filling out fields

Easily set up

new departments and teams in minutes

Learn more about how internal service providers like HR and Sales are using Barista.

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Employee Language Cloud

Unlike competitors who provide a toolkit for building dialogue trees that require AI experts and linguists to develop, Barista comes out of the box with an Employee Language Cloud that includes an extensive vocabulary tailored to the workplace so that Barista can speak the language of the employee from day one.

Barista is literally capable of understanding billions of phrases without any customer input and then learns on the fly with each and every employee experience to get even smarter over time. And because enterprises are global, Barista is multi-lingual so your help desk doesn’t need to be.

Learn more about why Barista is the most advanced VSA on the market.

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Now There’s A Better Way to
Create a Catalog and Shop

Do you outsource catalog
creation because it’s too hard
to do in house?
Are you able to keep your
catalog up to date with
products constantly changing?
Can your employees find what
they need and place orders on
their own?
The Barista Reference Catalog offers tens of thousands of items, enabling you to create your catalog in minutes
Employees have an Amazon-like shopping experience which means they can find what they need online...without your help
You’re notified when the product landscape changes so you’re always up to date
Barista integrates into your existing ITSM tool for fulfillment, so you maintain your investment and you get a great consumer-like catalog

Our Commitment to Your Success
is Part of Barista

There is more to Barista than an amazing app. Part of every Barista subscription includes AI experts who are committed to your success. We have a continuous success model that means we don’t walk away when you deploy. We work with you through the life of your subscription to ensure you are getting the best ROI.

Learn more about our Customer Success program.

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What’s in a Name?

Most parents struggle with naming their babies. That wasn’t the case with Barista. We knew that Barista was going to completely redefine how employees get help, and that reminded us of something.

Remember when getting coffee meant going to the diner and getting to choose between black or with cream? Those were the choices. No matter what you wanted, you didn’t get any better than that.

Then baristas came along and changed everything! A good barista gives a personalized experience to every customer by remembering who they are and even anticipating what they might need. The result is an amazing espresso or café latte. Espressive Barista strives to give employees that same level of personalized attention so that our Barista can give them exactly what they came looking for. That way they will keep coming back for more!

Redefine How Your Employees Get Help

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