Designed for the Future,
Not the Past

Designed for the Future,
Not the Past

Built on a Modern Architecture

Whether your ESM goal is saving money by reducing help desk call volume, focusing expert resources on initiatives that impact the business, or improving employee satisfaction and productivity, you need a service built on a modern architecture – one that is designed to take you to the future, not bolted onto legacy systems from the past.

Barista was designed for the future with three key tenets in mind:

Embrace AI

Deliver Exceptional
Employee Experiences

Build for
Enterprise Scale


Barista Enterprise Service Management Platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Virtual Support
Natural Language
Deep Neural
Context Based

Exceptional Employee Experiences

Native Apps on
Mobile and Desktop
Consumer-like Experience
Guided Visual
Alerts for Outages
and Announcements
Interact with
SMEs via App

Enterprise Scale

Elastic and Stateless
Security and

Internal Service Providers

Conversation-Level Availability and Speed

The introduction of AI into the enterprise with chatbots and virtual support agents requires services to be built on elastic and stateless architectures. The reason is basic – there is a need for conversation-level availability and speed.

We designed Barista to scale up and down on demand. As a result, Espressive customers get the best performance and resiliency without scaling cost – even when Barista is used concurrently by thousands of employees.

Enterprise Scale, Resiliency, and Performance

Elastic Architecture
Background An architecture that is able to adapt to workload changes by provisioning and de-provisioning containerized resources automatically, such that at each point in time the available resources match the current demand.
Benefit Enables scalability and performance at the lowest price so employees always have an exceptional experience – even with thousands of simultaneous users.
Stateless Connections with REST APIs
Background A given employee’s request can be sent to one container, while the next request is sent to a different container. There is no state maintained across requests, so no long-term relationship between end point and container.
Benefit When combined with an elastic architecture and multiple data center availability domains, there is no downtime or impact to the service if a data center fails.

Redefine How Your Employees Get Help

Are you ready to increase employee satisfaction and productivity while you lower costs? We’d love to show you how.

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