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Espressive Barista expedites mean time to resolution (MTTR) for agents working within their ITSM, chat, or ticketing tool ecosystem.

Seamless ITSM Integration

Barista is the only AI-based virtual support agent designed to integrate seamlessly into the administrative interface of any ITSM, chat, or ticketing tool. With Agent Assist, service desk agents improve efficiency and productivity by getting direct access to content and answers from the Barista Employee Language Cloud to help them close tickets faster.

Faster Ticket Resolution Without Learning New Skills

With Agent Assist, service desk agents can access and interact with Barista within their current admin interface — no new skills or training are required. It expands service desk agents’ resolution resources far beyond what is contained in their own knowledge base by leveraging content from the Barista Employee Language Cloud for any interaction.

Agent Assist positively impacts key service desk metrics.


Drives down mean time to resolution (MTTR)


Increases first call resolution (FCR)


Reduces the need to escalate routine employee service requests

Ramp Time

Shortens the ramp time for new service desk agents

Powerful Features Any Agent Can Use

Cognitive search capability.

Rather than a standard keyword search that provides a list of related knowledge articles, Barista uses the Dynamic AI Core™ to immediately provide the most relevant answer or knowledge article, decreasing MTTR.

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Integrate Agent Assist into any agent interface.

Agent Assist can be incorporated into any ITSM, chat, or ticketing tool by leveraging Espressive APIs. This custom integration will push Barista onto the agent interface of your chosen tool, even proprietary tools, enabling agents to access answers in the Employee Language Cloud whenever needed.

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