Reduce Demand on the Onsite Service Desk

Get employees the help they need and give agents more time to focus on critical issues.

Resolve Hardware Issues Through Automation

In many cases, Espressive Barista eliminates the need for employees to come onsite to visit the service desk by resolving hardware issues without your team's involvement. Barista even knows when an agent is required and will make an appointment when necessary, resulting in fewer tickets and in-person visits while elevating the employee experience.

Automatically Resolve Employee Issues that Don't Require Onsite Support
(and Identify Those that Do)

Barista frees up your IT service desk by autonomously handling hardware-related issues that historically required an onsite technician. Reallocating technicians’ time to strategic initiatives and mission-critical issues saves budget, improves mean time to resolution (MTTR), and boosts productivity.

Advanced integrations and workflows.

Barista can detect and fix many issues using tens of thousands of automated integrations, even taking employees through complex workflows.

Automating What Onsite Service Desk Agents Do Every Day

Hardware Issues.

Detect and fix performance issues due to CPU/memory intensive activity
Facilitate system updates to optimize hardware
Prescribe best practices to prevent hardware issues from happening

Hardware Refresh.

Integrate into asset management systems to facilitate hardware refresh based on end of life and hardware support cycles
Connect employees to onsite support to pick up new hardware and for assistance with data migration

Site Support Appointments.

Aid in appointment scheduling with onsite support
Simplify employee registration and check-in
Provide contextual, personal experience for employees when they arrive at the support desk
Discover How Automated Onsite Support is Transforming the Service Desk

Let us show you how Barista's intelligence helps autonomously resolve issues, boosting productivity and employee satisfaction while lowering costs.

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