Automated outage detection

Minimize the Significant Cost of Outages

Identify outages faster, reduce organizational costs related to outages, and enhance both service desk and employee productivity.

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Lower Outage Impact. Higher Efficiency.

Automatically determine the root cause of employee reported network, hardware, and software issues.

Automated Outage Detection improves service desk efficiency and employee productivity by automatically monitoring over 2,500 SaaS applications, as well as on-prem applications and endpoints, to determine the root cause of network, hardware, or software issues. Automated Outage Detection verifies the availability before executing complex runbooks to resolve issues, streamlining support processes and reducing the financial impact on the organization.

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Don't Let Outages Monopolize Your Service Desk

Automated Outage Detection prevents agents from being monopolized from the flurry of calls triggered by outages. When an employee reports a problem and an outage is verified in a SaaS or on-premises application, Barista immediately informs the employee of the outage and automatically generates either a parent or child ticket. This eliminates the requirement for agents to do time-consuming triage and administration. A Barista Announcement can then automatically notify all employees of the outage and let them know when it is restored.

Better Than Magic

Barista delivers intelligent, fast, and friendly autonomous assistance.

Validation of over 2,500 SaaS applications and growing.

When employees report connectivity or performance related challenges to SaaS applications, Automated Outage Detection automatically determines whether the issue is related to a local connectivity issue, an outage, performance issue, or planned downtime. Barista then informs employees of known application issues while notifying the service desk to ensure agents avoid doing any form of unnecessary troubleshooting. Automated Outage Detection can also verify availability of on-premises applications through integration.

Identification and resolution of local device issues.

Barista integrates with digital employee experience (DEX) tools to determine whether issues are local to an employee’s device or home network. When that is the case, Barista can autonomously remediate the issue rather than creating a ticket and engaging an expensive IT resource.

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