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Achieve the Gold Standard in Service Desks

Reduce IT service desk costs while boosting employee experience, productivity, and satisfaction.

Deliver autonomous employee self-help, 24/7.

Achieving the gold standard in IT service desks means getting employees the help they need when and where they need it. Espressive Barista, our AI-based virtual support agent, uses conversational AI that goes beyond simply providing answers. Instead, Barista engages employees to uncover meaning and automates the resolution of IT-related questions, issues, and requests with personalized outcomes 24/7 — increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Achieve industry-leading resolution rates with automation.

Eliminating repetitive questions that monopolize your service desk is table stakes. Resolving complex issues that have historically required higher skilled staff takes cost containment to the next level. Barista connects with multiple backend systems including Digital Employee Experience Management Software (DEX), AIOps platforms, Endpoint Management and Security, IPaaS and RPA solutions concurrently and in real-time to autonomously solve Tier 2 and beyond.

Reduce costs today. Scale cost-effectively tomorrow.

Even with industry-leading resolution rates, some employee inquiries will result in a ticket. When that happens, your service desk needs to run as efficiently as possible. Barista makes that happen with innovative technologies like Smart Ticketing and Agent Assist. Barista deeply integrates with leading ITSM systems, so agents work within the interface that they already know. Analytics reports and dashboards help drive decisions for optimizing performance and where to focus effort, including content gaps.

Advanced Technology That Delivers Results

Reduce IT service desk costs while boosting employee experience, productivity, and satisfaction.

language model.

The Employee Language Cloud is a proprietary large language model (LLM) that securely learns and grows from every employee interaction. On day one, the Employee Language Cloud understands over 4 billion phrases across 15 departments and in more than 100 languages, and includes curated answers for industry topics (e.g., Office 365, G Suite, Slack, etc.) to eliminate repetitive questions from monopolizing your service desk. The Employee Language Cloud also includes a marketplace that makes it possible for customers to choose from thousands of integrations and out-of-box automations, delivering an immediate ROI.

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Designed for efficiency.

Barista improves the efficiency of IT Service Management with unique features:

Smart Ticketing

Eliminate ticket ping-pong, reducing MTTR, by ensuring tickets are routed correctly the first time.

Proactive Resolution

Active monitoring and reporting on the health of applications and hardware to resolve employee issues before they become tickets.

Outage Detection

Identify potential outages faster while also automating the work agents perform during outages.

Agent Assist

Agents interact with Barista within existing ITSM tools to get to answers and resolve tickets faster — no new skills or training required

ITSM Integration

Integrate with the top ITSM platforms to create a more seamless experience for your agents, while getting more value from your ITSM investment.


Reports and dashboards drive decisions that optimize performance and highlight where to focus efforts (such as content gaps).

Customize without code.

Whether enterprises want a managed service, the flexibility to make their own updates, or the ability to do deep customization on their own, Barista delivers. The Barista Control Center is the administrative interface to the intelligence behind Barista, enabling customers who opt to use it to easily extend the Barista language model, design dynamic and interactive conversations, and integrate with virtually any API-enabled third-party system — all through a simple to use, no-code experience.

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