The Best of Both Worlds

Extreme Flexibility

Espressive Barista gives customers control with extreme flexibility. Whether enterprises want a fully managed service, the flexibility to make their own updates, or the ability to do deep, no-code customization, Barista delivers.

Fully Managed Service

Enterprises can opt to use Barista as a fully managed service. This means no internal resources need to be hired to support Barista. Instead, Barista will be continuously validated by Espressive, using metrics and reports to measure and improve the effectiveness of the service.

Manage Your Own Content

Espressive provides the only conversational AI platform that enables subject matter experts (SME) to easily create, edit, or delete content without requiring any assistance from IT, the ITSM team, or the vendor. The SME will just type in a sample phrase into our FAQ Management Tool and will be guided through the steps.

Perform Deep Customization

Enterprises can fine tune the behavior, understanding, and integrations of Barista. The Barista Control Center includes three key modules: (1) the Language Expander; (2) the Conversation Center; and (3) the Integration Designer. The Barista Control Center also incorporates a robust test environment, allowing customers to manage content in sub-production environments for rigorous testing before pushing to production.

Take Control

Do as little or as much as you want.

The Barista Control Center is the administrative interface to the intelligence behind Barista. Powerful features allow your team to seamlessly customize and integrate Barista across the enterprise using an easy, no-code interface. With the Control Center, your team can:

Extend the language model
Design dynamic and interactive conversions
Integrate with virtually any API-enabled third-party system

Language Model Expander™

The language model expands automatically and in real-time as you build understanding and recognition across new topics, language, and acronyms specific to your organization. Even the tone of conversations can be tailored to fit your culture. Rest assured that there are full testing and validation capabilities to ensure you understand how changes will be handled by the NLP engine.

Conversation Creator™

Complex issues need agile solutions, not simple knowledge articles. With Conversation Creator, your teams can create dynamic and interactive conversations and troubleshooting workflows to ensure complex issues can be resolved fast — the first time. Conversation Creator is also used to create interactive Barista Conversational Surveys.

Integration Designer™

Integrate with any REST API enabled third-party system including iPaaS (integration platform as a service) and RPA (robotic process automation) platforms, to deliver an unlimited number of end-to-end automation workflows. It’s easy for Espressive partners and customers to build integrations, which can then be made available via the Barista Integration Marketplace.

Robust Test Environment

Built to handle large enterprises, the robust test environment enables teams to manage content in sub-production environments for rigorous testing before pushing to production. The fully automated testing capabilities help validate changes against past interactions and resolve any matching issues before publishing to production for complete peace of mind.

Get Immediate ROI With the Ability to Customize Over Time

Let us show you how customized control of Barista’s intelligence helps autonomously resolve issues, boosting productivity and employee satisfaction while lowering costs.

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