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Demonstrate your commitment to an exceptional employee experience with seamless onboarding.

An Exceptional Employee Experience Starts with Onboarding

Higher employee satisfaction equals higher retention.

Companies with engaged employees experience higher profitability, lower turnover rates, reduced absenteeism, and increased customer satisfaction — and engagement starts with onboarding. For new hires, strong onboarding practices increase comfort and competence, demonstrate the organization’s commitment to supporting them, and help them form relationships.

The Best Onboarding Never Stops

Start the day the offer is signed.

The reality of the current job market is that time from signature to start date could be a month or longer. That’s a long time when new hires can have second thoughts and ultimately change their minds. With Espressive Barista, you can engage them the minute they sign on the dotted line.Before their first day, team members can welcome new employees via Barista, to start forming important relationships. These early connections reduce the risk of losing the investment you made in recruitment, and bring employees in even more excited about their new roles.

Make it feel personal.

Barista understands not all employees are the same, and matches entitlements and access rights on an individual basis. Barista can take employees through an Amazon-like shopping experience as they select tools and logoed gear based on their job roles and locations. And Barista gives personalized and immediate answers to pre-day one questions and beyond in over 100 languages, even those that new hires may have otherwise been embarrassed to ask.

Give them an outstanding first day and beyond.

First impressions are everything, so don’t make employees spend hours completing paperwork or wait days for a new laptop. And don’t make managers responsible for ensuring everything happens. Barista integrates HR, Facilities, and IT requirements into one seamless, automated process that can begin before day one and continue for the entire lifecycle of an employee.

Successful onboarding incorporates ongoing communication, training, and check-in points so managers gain insights into new employee progress. And Barista will always be there to provide support throughout all life events.

Intelligent Tools for a Better Employee Experience

Make it easy.

Instead of expecting your new employees to change their behavior to seek out answers, Barista is designed to pair with and strengthen your existing communication channels. New hires can access Barista anywhere — on desktop or mobile, native app or web browser, through collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, and even using traditional tools like phone and email. That means that wherever they’re working, help is waiting.

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Check their pulse.

Barista Conversational Surveys are the first AI-based surveys designed to inform decision making while triggering actions in real time. They are dynamic and interactive, mimicking a conversation and ending with a specific action, leaving new hires feeling like they have been heard. These interactive surveys provide a quick pulse on your new hire’s sentiment so you can make data driven decisions about whether they require any type of help at each stage.

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Get greater ROI on existing technology.

Barista integrates with leading HR systems, giving employees one place to go for immediate, personalized answers to all their HR-related questions.The Barista integration with Workday is optimized for the 100 most common Workday questions, with use cases covering everything from onboarding to managing time off. Barista comes out-of-box with a deep understanding of HR questions across an expansive range of topics covering the entire employee lifecycle, freeing up HR personnel from answering repetitive questions so they can focus on high touch interactions.

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