Lower Costs. Boost Productivity. Elevate Employee Experience.

Espressive Barista is proven to save costs while boosting employee experience, productivity, and satisfaction starting day one — guaranteed.

Reducing Service Desk Costs is Just the Beginning

Contain costs and accomplish so much more across the enterprise, starting by reducing service desk workload, improving efficiency, and deploying fast with immediate ROI.

Automating your help desk with Barista gives you the ability to reduce, uplevel, and/or redeploy headcount, while scaling cost-effectively. Plus, you’ll see immediate reduction in mean time to resolution (MTTR), an overall enhanced employee experience, boosted productivity, and satisfaction.

Barista even adds value to existing investments through over ten thousand integrations.

The Perfect Blend for Cost Containment

Reduce service desk workload.

Espressive has the highest automated resolution rate in the industry with customers achieving 55% to 67% on average, and that translates directly to the bottom line. Out of the gate you will be automating Tier 1 repetitive questions like software provisioning, password reset, and VPN issues. And over time you will be able to automate Tier 2 and beyond by leveraging the Integration Marketplace and custom integrations.


Improve service desk efficiency.

Not every employee inquiry can be resolved autonomously, so it’s extremely important to improve the efficiency of your service desk so when tickets are required, they can be resolved as quickly as possible. Barista has an advanced suite of capabilities that deliver enhanced efficiency and increased productivity.

Routes to the right help desk team the first time with Smart Ticketing
Enhances agent productivity with Agent Assist
Proactively detects and resolves outages with Automated Outage Detection
Delivers insights and opportunity areas with Barista Analytics

Deploy fast with immediate ROI.

Reduced workload and improved efficiency won’t happen until you deploy, so getting there quickly matters. With The Employee Language Cloud, Barista comes out-of-box understanding 97.8% of employee language across 15+ enterprise departments and in over 100 languages, so our customers deploy in as little as 6 weeks . Our continuously learning technology, combined with our ML Operations Team, ensures that the Employee Language Cloud gets smarter and delivers more value over time—all without customers having to hire and retain expensive experts.

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