Resolutions Everywhere Employees Are

Changing habits is hard. Finding Espressive Barista is easy.


Barista taps into the channels employees are already using, meeting them where they are, maximizing adoption and boosting resolution across the enterprise starting on day one.

Instead of expecting employees to change their behavior to seek out answers, Barista is designed to pair with and strengthen your existing communication channels. Employees can access Barista anywhere — on desktop or mobile, native app or web browser, through collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, and even using traditional tools like phone and email. That means that wherever they’re working, help is waiting.

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Effortless Digital Assistance


Native App and Browser

Employees can access Barista via their desktop (Windows or Mac) or even on a mobile device (Android or iOS), either as a native app or by simply going through their browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer).


Collaboration Tools

Barista integrates seamlessly as a native app for collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams, Microsoft Viva, and Google Chat, deflecting or opening tickets either via direct message or by monitoring public channels.


Traditional Tools

Barista also intercepts communications across email, phone, Microsoft SharePoint, embedded within applications such as SAP, and even on a portal. Plus, Barista can be initiated via a QR code.



Barista integrates with interactive voice response (IVR) systems, proactively engaging employees via their preferred channel (e.g. Microsoft Teams) while they’re waiting for an agent. This allows employees to ask their question and be alerted to a response instead of waiting on hold. Barista also natively allows for voice communication, so employees can talk directly to Barista as if they were speaking to an agent — and will automatically switch them to another channel if required.

Ready to Boost Employee Adoption and Resolution by Meeting Employees Where They Are?

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