Automate Resolution of Facilities-Related Issues, Questions, and Requests With AI

Give employees one place to go 24/7 — no matter what the issue is.

Resolve Questions Quickly. Delight Employees. Reduce Spend.

Espressive Barista uses advanced intelligence to autonomously deliver fast resolutions to a wide variety of Facilities questions.

Resolve employee questions quickly.

Barista engages with employees to read between the lines, uncover true needs, fill in the blanks, and resolve issues fast, bringing the ease of consumer virtual assistants into the workplace to deliver immediate, personalized resolution to Facilities-related questions and issues.

Barista can even automate processes like equipment requests, even obtaining approvals, without a human having to step in. When issues are resolved quickly, employee satisfaction rises.

Demystify getting help from Facilities.

Unlike IT that has a centralized service desk team to handle questions, Facilities help can be difficult to track down. Instead of keeping track of different contacts for ordering office equipment, obtaining badges, or reporting an issue with a conference room or copier, Barista becomes the one place for employees to reach out 24/7 for every Facilities issue. Significantly increasing time to resolution and employee productivity.

Ensure shared assets are reported.

When shared assets are missing or malfunctioning, often it’s easier for employees to simply move on than report the issue. This is especially true in conference rooms, where equipment issues and missing supplies often go unreported because it’s easier to find another room where everything is available than make a report. Plus, most employees don’t know what is supported by Facilities (e.g., chairs and temperature control) versus IT (e.g., conference room phones and displays). Barista automates this process.

High-Impact Results for Employees and Enterprises

We were able to deflect almost 800 service tickets in the first month of our headquarters move with Barista — those are tickets that could have monopolized the facilities help desk team.

— Fortune 500 company

Contain and Recover Costs Through Automation

A digital workplace isn’t just about helping employees. It saves costs too.

QR codes make problem reporting a breeze.

Barista QR codes enable quick and easy problem reporting for conference rooms and other locations with shared assets. With conference room issues, employees simply scan a QR code using any iOS or Android device. Barista immediately knows the room in question and asks for relevant information. Once provided, Barista creates the appropriate request, with the right team.

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Deliver a consumer-like asset ordering process.

When an employee reaches out to order a desk, office chair, or even an ergonomic workspace evaluation, make it as easy as ordering from Amazon. The Barista Integration Marketplace seamlessly connects multiple back-end systems concurrently and in real time to automate every step of the process.

Employees select the device they need. Barista checks eligibility and availability, and even obtains any necessary approvals. Then the system automatically orders and tracks delivery.

Gain efficiency with a powerful ticketing tool.

Espressive dramatically improves the efficiency of Facilities service management by offering an alternative to using shared departmental voicemail and email accounts, Barista Case Management.

Leveraging next-generation AI for intelligent ticket routing, Barista Case Management ensures tickets are assigned to the right team in the first place, resolving employee questions quickly and accurately.

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