Servicenow integration

Automate Your Service Desk and Increase Your ServiceNow ROI

Espressive Barista integrates seamlessly into your existing ServiceNow deployment for a more unified employee experience that maximizes your investment.

Ready-To-Go Generative AI For Employee Self-Help

With the public release of AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Gemini, employee expectations with virtual agents have drastically changed. And if your in-house virtual agent doesn’t deliver the deep understanding of questions and language that employees have come to expect, they will likely abandon it and go back to calling the service desk or using ChatGPT for help.

By integrating Barista with your ServiceNow deployment, you can fast-track a generative AI-based virtual agent into the hands of your employees. Barista leverages multiple types of AI to solve employee issues—including generative AI, retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and safe access to live web answers and ChatGPT. In addition, our best-in-class integration framework enables Barista to utilize third-party systems (including ServiceNow workflows and processes) to automate the resolution of employee questions, issues, and requests.

Deep Integration With ServiceNow

Barista is deeply integrated with ServiceNow ITSM, providing a single place for employees to leverage all the capabilities of the ITSM tool without having to deal with the complexity. For service desk agents, Barista improves efficiency and productivity without requiring any changes to how they currently utilize ServiceNow.

Key Integration Highlights for Agents:

Knowledge Base Ingestion

Barista can ingest and process thousands of knowledgebase articles in seconds, understand the content, and connect it to the Barista language model. As a result, content updates can be completed in minutes.

Knowledge Base Creation

Barista can look at how agents resolve tickets and how they chat with end users in order to create new knowledge articles, speeding up the time it takes to expose new content to end users and further deflect tickets.

Approver Workflows

The Barista approver capability enables users to complete requests that require approvals (e.g., ordering equipment or creating a mailing list) directly in Barista—without an additional license fee.

Barista Agent Assist

Service desk agents can access and interact with Barista right from the ServiceNow user interface, making it easier for them to close tickets faster and decreasing MTTR.

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