Frictionless Software Provisioning

Automate software access requests and streamline approvals — all in one place.

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Scale Your Service Desk Through Automation

Manage employee access and approvals more efficiently through automation, keeping your IT service desk productive even at scale.

With the amount of change that takes place at any organization, IT service desks must continually dedicate time creating, approving, and managing software access requests. This is especially true when provisioning a high volume or increasing number of employees as a company continues to grow.

Espressive Barista, our AI-based virtual support agent, automates software provisioning and approvals by instantly getting proper approvals, reducing the risk and errors that come with manual provisioning. When an employee needs access to a software application, Barista fulfills that request via integrations with top enterprise software. Through automation, IT can meet the needs of a growing company without having to add more resources.

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Secure Software Provisioning that Delivers

Increase employee productivity with streamlined access to the tools they need. Barista automates both software provisioning and the approval process, so employees can spend less time waiting and more time using the tools and applications they need.

Provision software autonomously.

Barista autonomously provisions the software employees need to stay productive. When an employee requests access to a particular software application, Barista takes all the necessary steps to fulfill the request via integrations to backend systems, so employees get instant access without ever needing to get the service desk involved.

Eliminate the approval bottleneck.

Barista streamlines approval requests by automatically routing approvals to the right person. If an employee requests access to an application that requires manager approval, Barista initiates the approval request before granting them access. Managers can view and approve the request right from Barista. Once the request is approved, Barista will notify the employee and proceed with the initial request.

Securely manage employee access.

Unlike manual processes which create inefficiencies and lack of transparency, Barista integrates with existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools to ensure that automated provisioning grants employee access to only the tools and applications they need based on their roles and permission levels.

Improve employee onboarding.

For growing organizations, ensuring software access is provided during onboarding can be a challenge. Barista will integrate with your HCM platform and automate new hire application provisioning to ensure an exceptional and productive experience on an employee’s first day at work.

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