Espressive Barista LLM Gateway

A Safe and Scalable
Path to ChatGPT
for the Enterprise

Unlock a new world of workplace assistance and productivity.

An Overarching LLM Strategy is Needed

A Safe and Responsible Approach

Employees want access to ChatGPT and other LLMs to increase their productivity at work, yet enterprises are hesitant due to privacy concerns. That’s why our solution is not simply about integration to LLMs. Instead, Espressive Barista is acting as a gateway, enabling enterprises to enforce policies for safe and responsible access.

Optional Safeguards

Verify policy compliance
(e.g., no source code, no PII, no customer data)
Disable access for specific content areas
(e.g., Epic in healthcare)
Restrict questions to only those that are work related
Ensure employees understand issues with LLMs
(i.e., possible inaccuracies)

Unlocking a New World of Workplace Assistance

Historically, Espressive Barista helps employees get assistance with work related questions and issues across 15 departments from IT to HR and beyond. For example, “How do I get DocuSign” or “There is an issue with my paycheck.”

With the Barista LLM Gateway there is a new world of employee productivity capabilities. Employees can gain tips on making meetings more effective, can get meeting summaries with action items, and much, much more. Driving greater employee adoption and satisfaction—resulting in higher ROI.

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Optimize Employee Experience. Hide Complexity. Converse Fluently.

Integration with Experience Selector.

The Experience Selector™ uniquely considers relevance and possible outcomes to provide the best experience to employees. With the Barista LLM Gateway, the Experience Selector can choose a response from an LLM like ChatGPT. The Experience Selector will always prioritize automation or a customer’s content before displaying a generative response to ensure employees follow the best practices recommended by their corporations for compliance.

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Automating prompt engineering.

With LLMs the response is only as good as the question, and getting the best outcome requires employees to become experts in prompt engineering—unless they are using Espressive Barista. Because Barista can fetch information via integrations and knows context relevant to each employee, such as location and type of equipment used, Barista will automatically add required content before asking questions to ChatGPT or another LLM for a more accurate response.

Best possible translation engine.

Espressive was the first to support virtual agent translations in over 100 languages. With the Barista LLM Gateway, customers can assign the best possible translation engine for a given topic in a given language. For instance, Barista could use Lionbridge for Latin based languages, ChatGPT for Japanese, and Baidu for Chinese.

Solve LLM Data Privacy and
Confidentiality Concerns

Let us show you how the Espressive Barista LLM Gateway unlocks a  new world of workplace assistance and employee productivity capabilities with safe access to ChatGPT.

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