Engage Your Workforce Throughout the Entire Employee Journey

Automate resolution of HR-related questions, issues, and requests with personalized outcomes 24/7 — anywhere in the world — giving you time for high touch interactions.

Exceptional Employee Experiences at Every Stage

Engaged, productive, and satisfied employees cause retention to soar.

Espressive Barista, our AI based virtual employee assistant, gives exceptional employee self-help experiences at every stage of the employee lifecycle — recruiting, onboarding, benefits, performance, wellness, and offboarding. Plus, Barista integrates with HR systems of record such as Workday, increasing the ROI for all HR systems that you have deployed.


– Hiring managers create and edit requisitions
– Guide candidates through the application process


– Pre-day one engagement with team members
– Asset requests, benefits enrollment, and more


– Annual open enrollment
– Manage PTO and leave requests


– Provide 360 feedback
– Request ad-hoc feedback


– Self-enroll in wellness courses
– Life events assistance


– Conversational exit interviews
– Automated exit checklist

Help Employees Thrive

Barista delivers intelligent, fast, and friendly autonomous HR assistance.

​Exceed expectations.

Delight your employees by bringing the ease of virtual assistants from their consumer lives into the workplace to deliver immediate, personalized resolution to HR questions and issues. If Barista doesn’t have an answer, a ticket is automatically generated and routed to your HR service team, providing a seamless handoff. This gives employees time back in the day, making them more productive and increasing their job satisfaction.

Deliver help everywhere they are.

Barista meets employees in the channels that they use today including places like Microsoft Teams, Slack, e-mail, or even on the phone. And when Barista meets them, it must be easy. That’s why Barista understands 4B+ employee phrases across 15 departments and in over 100 different languages, giving employees one place to go for HR and all questions across the enterprise.

Resolve issues fast.

Most of the time employees don't understand where to go and how to describe the issues they are experiencing, which is why they contact HR in the first place. Barista is a smart and engaging solution that reads between the lines, uncovers true needs, and resolves issues fast — delivering digital workplace assistance that elevates the experience of getting help at work. Barista comes out-of-box with a deep understanding of HR questions across an expansive range of topics, freeing up HR personnel from answering repetitive questions so they can focus on high touch interactions.

Automate processes.

Leverage the intelligence of Barista to automate manual processes throughout the employee lifecycle by integrating to leading HR systems. The Barista integration with Workday is optimized for the 100 most common Workday questions, with use cases covering everything from onboarding to managing time off. Avoid wait times, incomplete information, and errors resulting in higher employee satisfaction and retention.

Barista Case Management Helps Your HR Team's Productivity Soar

Rather than using shared departmental voicemail and email accounts, Barista Case Management is an option that can dramatically improve the efficiency of HR service management (HRSM), increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Barista also integrates seamlessly into existing case management software for robust enhancements to existing HR workflows.

Learn more about Case Management

Easy to use.

Designed so that anyone on your HR team can easily use it — no tech expertise required.

Support from anywhere.

Mobile-ready interface allows your team to answer questions anytime, anywhere.

Efficient searching.

An innovation search capability helps your team resolve employee questions more quickly by locating answers via natural language versus keywords.

Exceptional employee experiences.

When Barista doesn’t know an answer, a ticket is automatically generated and routed to the right HR team via Barista Case Management or another ticketing system for quick resolution — no form needed.

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