ML OPerations team

Advanced Machine Learning Guided By The Best in The Industry

The Espressive Machine Learning (ML) Operations team focuses on optimizing language models, performance enhancements, operations, and tuning to deliver industry-leading deflection rates.

We Hire the Experts So You Don’t Have To

Proprietary continuously learning technology, combined with our highly skilled ML Operations team, ensures that the Barista Employee Language Cloud is getting smarter and delivering more value over time — all without customers having to hire and retain expensive experts.

Optimized customer layer.

The managed service provided by the ML Operations team ensures that customers receive the highest possible accuracy and resolution rates. The team customizes, optimizes, measures, and tunes our Employee Language Cloud, with a special focus on each customer’s layer for customer-specific lexicon, content, and integrations.

The Highest Accuracy and Deflection Without All the Effort

The ML Operations team is constantly focused on ensuring that you can deliver the best possible self-help experiences to your employees. This starts pre-launch and continues throughout our relationship.


The specific lexicon and content for the enterprise


Top call drivers and more to achieve highest deflection


Understand ongoing performance metrics vs ROI goals


Improve the customer layer to ensure highest accuracy

Discover How the Espressive ML Operations Team Delivers Outsized Impact

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