Conversational AI For Employee Support

Espressive Barista automates the work that agents do every day using Conversational AI.

The Best of Human Experience With the Best of AI

Most employees are not technical enough to self-diagnose or even fully describe their issues — which is why they call the service desk in the first place. Espressive Barista takes on the role of a service desk agent, engaging with employees to understand and gain clarity to their issues so that the best possible resolution can be delivered.

Conversing with Barista


Barista Understands You.

Barista understands what employees are asking in employee language.


Gains Clarity When Needed.

When the question is vague or additional information is required, Barista engages the employee with one or more questions to pinpoint the issue.


Walks You Through Complex Workflows.

Just as when an employee works with a human agent, there are times when Barista needs to walk the employee through a workflow to further pinpoint the issue.


Delivers Automated Resolution.

Barista then delivers an answer (e.g., KB, FAQ, researched content), invokes an integration (e.g., catalog item, invoke a RestAPI), launches an automation (e.g., provision an application, submit a PTO request), invokes an external workflow (e.g., ServiceNow workflow, RPA bot, or iPaaS recipe), or seamlessly connects the employee to a human agent when required to deliver the best possible outcome and employee experience.

Go Proactive with Barista-Initiated Conversations

​Proactive Interactions.

Barista can run virtually any task to look for opportunities to proactively help employees. Such as preemptively contacting an employee when their log-in password is about to expire, monitoring the health of both applications and hardware, and even tracking hardware refreshes. All without human involvement.

Barista Notifications.

Deliver real-time alerts and status updates to employees automatically. Notifications can be related to virtually any information that might be relevant to an employee. They can be sent in a variety of ways, including email, SMS, or through the Barista app on the web, desktop, MS Teams, Slack, or other collaboration tool.

Conversational Surveys.

Barista Conversational Surveys are the first AI-based surveys designed to inform decision making while triggering actions in real time.With these interactive surveys, employees feel they are part of the conversation, as each answer they give will trigger a corresponding flow in Barista. Conversational Surveys are a critical tool in taking the ongoing pulse of an organization, or monitoring something over time, such as changes in employee sentiment.

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