The Intelligence Behind Espressive Barista

The Espressive Dynamic AI Core™ blends the most advanced extractive and generative AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to automate what agents do every day to deliver exceptional employee experiences.

A Perfect Blend of Advanced Extractive and Generative AI, ML, and NLP

Dynamic AI Core™ adapts in real-time to predict, understand, and disambiguate requests, while engaging with employees to deliver exceptional experiences that result in high adoption, productivity, and satisfaction.

Adaptive Predictor™

A powerful feature of our natural language processing is the ability to change the behavior of our language model in real-time to the language and context of a given enterprise or department, ensuring high accuracy even in the absence of customer-generated content (i.e., knowledge articles).

Leveraging the most expansive employee phrase recognition database on the market — over 4 billion phrases and growing — the Adaptive Predictor™ understands the context of each word within a phrase to deliver high resolution rates with ROI on day one.

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Contextual Disambiguator™

Barista takes vague or conflicting phrases and engages with employees to get to a problem statement while leveraging the context of employees and organizations (e.g., equipment, location, job role) to ensure understanding. As a result, employees don’t need to learn and use specific language to be understood, resulting in an optimal employee experience with higher adoption rates.

Experience Selector™

The Experience Selector uniquely considers relevance and possible outcomes to provide the best experience to employees. It prioritizes automating resolution versus providing instructions for an employee to read. It identifies if content or automation will result in a less than optimal outcome for employees, and when that occurs it uses Barista Smart Ticketing™ to create, attribute, triage, and route a ticket to the right service team, minimizing mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Knowledge Synthesizer™

Barista adds value to an enterprise’s content, organizes it for quick and accurate search, rationalizes competing content, and leverages extractive and generative AI to ensure answers are precise and easy-to-consume. This happens with zero requirements for enterprises to rewrite or add meta tags to documents, saving immense time for deployment and beyond.

Discover the Power of Barista’s Advanced Intelligence, Powered by the Dynamic AI Core

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