Automated Ticketing System - Barista Case Management

Achieve highly efficient service delivery without the cost and complexity of traditional ITSM tools.

Empower Your Support Team and Delight Your Employees with Intelligent, Automated Ticketing

Many departments outside of IT use shared email and voicemail boxes along with spreadsheets to receive and track resolution of employee requests. Barista Case Management eliminates all of that by automating the ticketing process with a robust yet low cost solution that anyone can use.

When employees have questions, they ask Espressive Barista and receive immediate, personalized answers. If Barista doesn’t have an answer, a ticket is automatically generated in Barista Case Management and routed to the appropriate service team, providing a seamless handoff from employee to agent.

Watch Your Support Team’s Productivity Soar

Easy to use

Anyone on your help desk team can use Barista Case Management — no tech expertise required.

Support from anywhere

Mobile-ready interface allows your team to answer questions anytime, anywhere.

Integration with Barista

Barista automatically generates and populates service tickets for your employees when needed.

Ready to Redefine Your Organization's Help Desk?

Let us show you how Barista Case Management helps achieve highly efficient service delivery, boosting productivity and employee satisfaction while lowering costs.

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