The Perfect Employee Experience

Deliver effortless digital workplace assistance that blends the best of human experience with the best of AI.

Bring the Ease of Consumer Virtual Assistants to Your Employees

Espressive Barista, our generative AI-based virtual support agent, automates resolution of employee questions, issues, and requests with personalized experiences in just seconds. Improving retention, satisfaction, and productivity while boosting positive business outcomes.

One Place For Every Answer Across the Enterprise

In a world where automation is a requirement for cost savings, enterprise employees are faced with the introduction of a myriad of new tools. All with different user experiences. All with different learning curves. All with different features, functionality, and uses. Employees can barely remember five tools, let alone several tools for every single function. Instead of making things more efficient, this onslaught of disconnected new platforms and tools often reduces efficiency as frustration rises.

Barista is different. Instead of adding one more tool, one more place to go for answers, Barista becomes the single source of truth for all answers across the enterprise. Whether their questions are for IT, HR, Facilities, or other departments, Barista is their one-stop-shop for answers to questions and resolution to issues. And when Barista doesn't know an answer, Barista quickly connects employees to the right service team the first time.

Frictionless Self-Help Employees Will Love

Meet employees where they are.

Barista seamlessly taps into the channels employees are already using, meeting them where they are, maximizing adoption and boosting resolution across the enterprise on day one.

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Not Instruction.

Employees don't want to read articles or receive instructions. They just want their problems solved. Barista determines the best outcome for employees from answering questions to launching workflows, even connecting them to human agents when required.

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that elevates.

Don't make employees self-diagnose their problems. Barista is a smart and engaging solution that reads between the lines, uncovers needs, and resolves issues fast.

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