Barista Experience Selector™

Predictive & Generative Multi-Turn Experience

The Barista Experience Selector is our ensemble model that combines generative AI and other AI technologies to understand the intent of an employee interaction and make a real-time decision on the best possible outcome.

A Hallucination-Free, Generative Virtual Agent

BaristaGPT is the first intent-less, fully automated virtual agent that leverages the Barista LLM and additional large language models to take action. It’s real-time reasoning engine uses your content, plus trusted sites, to ensure your employees get the information they need in a safe and productive manner.

Limitless Automation in Seconds

BaristaGPT 's end-to-end automation result to deflect an average of 60-70% of our customer's support tickets.

BaristaGPT creates workflows and end-to-end automations dynamically. Tasks such as granting your new hires access to applications can happen with no human involvement needed

Barista Enterprise Search

BaristaGPT Enterprise Search leverages state of the art Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology along with enterprise content, and customer determined trusted sites, to deliver precise answers to any question. When an employee asks a question like, “Can I modify my uniform?” the BaristaGPT will scan all an organization’s content repositories (e.g., ITSM, Confluence, Microsoft SharePoint) in order to provide the employee with an exact answer. The employee can then continue a conversation (multi-turn) with BaristaGPT without having to restart the conversation.  

BaristaGPT Enterprise Search leverages the employee’s context (e.g., location, role), access policies combined with extractive and generative AI to ensure employees are getting hallucination-free answers in safe and an easy-to-consume manner.


There are questions where the use of automation or knowledge is simply not possible. These are the really hard issues to resolve.

BaristaGPT can now automate the resolution by using human reasoning, leveraging content, as well as historical tickets and agent transcripts, to engage employees as an agent would – further reducing the load on your service desk teams.

Automated Outage Detection

With Automated Outage Detection, Barista prevents agents from being monopolized by the number of calls triggered by outages. When an employee reports a problem, Automated Outage Detection validates the health of SaaS and on-prem applications as well as endpoints to determine the root cause of employee reported network, hardware, and software issues. This enables Barista to verify the availability of applications before executing complex runbooks to resolve issues—streamlining support processes and reducing the financial impact of outages on an organization. 

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Workplace Co-Pilot

With BaristaGPT's Workplace Co-Pilot capabilities improves employee productivity by enabling them to leverage the power of Generative AI, combined with your enterprise content.

Barista Agent Co-Pilot

Barista Agent Co-Pilot ensures Barista is involved in resolving issues even when tickets are created directly in the ITSM system, either by users or agents.

Agent Co-Pilot includes capabilities and features designed to make service desk agents even more productive. With Agent Co-Pilot, agents can get direct access to Barista by simply adding “@Barista” from inside a ticket or chat, utilizing Barista automations or other specific data they need to resolve employee issues.

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