Barista Experience Selector™

Achieve the Highest Automated Resolution Rate with  Generative AI

Our ensemble model, the Barista Experience Selector, combines generative AI and other AI technologies to understand the intent of an employee interaction and make a real-time decision on the best possible outcome.

Combining Extractive and Generative AI, ML, and NLP to Achieve the Best Possible Outcome

The Barista Experience Selector utilizes AI technologies in order to understand an employee interaction, identify multiple outcomes, and choose the best option for resolution. The Experience Selector prioritizes automating resolution, but can also extract answers from internal knowledgebases and external data sources. If more help is needed, a ticket can always be created on behalf of the employee.

Automated Resolution

When appropriate, the Experience Selector will always automate resolution to the problem first. Espressive’s integration marketplace includes thousands of integrations and workflows, which is why 60 to 70% of our customer deflection comes from end-to-end automation. Barista can also leverage existing automation investments in ITSM systems, RPA and iPaaS platforms. This ensures that employee issues such as, “My laptop is running slow” can be addressed with end-to-end automation and no human involvement, achieving resolution without the employee ever leaving the virtual agent.

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Knowledge Synthesizer

If automation cannot solve the issue, the Experience Selector then leverages enterprise content via the Espressive state of the art Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) capability, called Knowledge Synthesizer. When an employee asks a question like, “What is our expense policy on flights?” the Knowledge Synthesizer will scan all an organization’s content repositories (e.g., ITSM, Confluence, Microsoft SharePoint) in order to provide the employee with an exact answer. The Knowledge Synthesizer leverages the employee’s context (e.g., location, role), access policies combined with extractive and generative AI to ensure employees are getting the right answers in an easy-to-consume manner.

Barista Live Generative Answers

When an employee asks how-to question related to commercial hardware or software (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Outlook), automation and internal knowledge are often not available, and the best answer is usually already available on the internet. With Live Generative Answers, Barista can now source answers from multiple places outside of the organization, such as from live data available on the internet, or from LLMs such as Azure GPT and Google Bard.

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Barista Smart Ticketing™

If help is still needed, Barista will create a smart ticket, automatically categorizing and routing the request to the right department internally. Barista leverages resolution notes created by your experts to dynamically create knowledge, fed into Knowledge Synthesizer, creating a self-learning environment.

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