Espressive Barista -
Virtual Support Agent

Espressive Barista -
Virtual Support Agent

Automate resolution of employee
questions with AI for the next normal




Reduction in help desk call volume

Employee adoption

Questions understood on day one

Running an Effective
IT Service Desk During
and After a Pandemic
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Espressive Completes SOC 2 Examination, Demonstrating High Standards for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy

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Stop Repetitive Calls From
Monopolizing Your Help Desk

  • One place for employees to request and receive help
  • High accuracy reduces help desk calls up to 60%
  • Over 750M phrases delivers immediate value
  • Increases value from existing content and learns on the fly
  • Omni-channel employee adoption of 80% or more

"When we decided to leverage artificial intelligence in our ITSM initiative, we expected a long and expensive deployment. With Espressive, we were able to go live in just three weeks, and in the following six weeks, we automatically addressed 40 percent of our help desk requests submitted via Espressive - ultimately increasing team efficiency, and freeing us up to focus on strategic initiatives."

- Christopher Flynn, Vice President of Employee Enablement

"Espressive's Barista virtual agent offers an intuitive chat experience, with intelligent automation that understands and handles user inquiries and enhances the self-service capacity in SAIC's holistic U-CentricTM end user solution. We look forward to expanding our relationship."

- Sarah Sanchez, Vice President, End User Solutions

"As the leading AI security company, we are well placed to judge the various approaches for deploying AI for ITSM. The Espressive team understands how to apply AI to make it easy for employees to get help, which in turn will drive ITSM adoption. In our evaluation, we made sure the Espressive solution was quick to deploy, would learn from experience to get smarter, and would not require expensive AI resources."

- Kumud Kalia, Chief Information and Technology Officer

Through 2022, organizations that use AI augmentation as an essential element in their digital workplace will boost employee Net Promoter Score by 20%.” – Gartner, “Use Digital Workplace
Programs to Augment, Not Replace, Humans With AI,” Manjunath Bhat, Matthew W. Cain. January 15, 2018.

Exceptional Employee Experiences
Are Only the Beginning

Make it easy
for employees to
get help

Reduce help desk
call volume

Enable all parts of
the enterprise to
deliver great employee service

Automate outage
detection, alerts,
and notifications

Create innovative
workflows to
transform the business

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How Enterprises Use Barista


  • Help desk call deflection
  • Automate outage detection
  • Amazon-like shopping experience
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  • Increase new hire retention
  • Make it easy to get answers
  • Gain HR help desk efficiency
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  • Improve new hire productivity
  • Increase selling time
  • Gain sales operations efficiency
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Barista is the Industry Leading Virtual Support Agent

  • Barista is an AI expert so you don’t
    have to hire that talent
  • Our Employee Language Cloud gives
    Barista the ability to understand
    750M things on the first day
  • Built on modern architecture to scale
    to the largest organizations
  • Context is applied to create
    personalized answers, which is
    what employees want

Employees Have Voted Against Portals.
It’s Time You Did Too.

Portals are costly and complex. They don’t reduce help desk call volume because enterprises don’t have a solid knowledge base foundation. Articles are technical and often out of date so employees often just give up. Why continue to invest resources in the past?

Barista is the industry’s first VSA and the only VSA to get smarter with every interaction. Unlike ITSM vendors, Barista was designed for the future so Barista will grow with you in every way. Say goodbye to portals and chatbots, and say hello to Barista today.

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Redefine How Your Employees Get Help

Are you ready to increase employee satisfaction and productivity while you lower costs? We’d love to show you how.

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