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Highest Deflection Rate

Our customers experience 50 to 70% ticket deflection.

Enterprise Service Management

Barista delivers self-help across 14 departments in 107 languages.

Employee Adoption Program

We help you address change management to ensure success.

“Espressive automates employee self-help so our service teams can focus on things that impact our bottom line. That enables us to achieve cost containment while improving the employee experience with conversational AI.”

Eric Johnson, CIO, SurveyMonkey

“Dexcom grew 30% in 2020 putting a huge demand on our IT and HR help desks. Espressive enabled us to support that growth with 64% ticket deflection, 96% email interception, and 41% reduction in calls.”

Shelly Selvaraj, SVP of IT, Dexcom

“The new hybrid workforce demands an instantaneous response, and we deliver that with Espressive Barista. In the first month we achieved deflection in the mid 40s and are on a path to the 70s. We’re automating fulfillment of routine requests, and that’s only scratching the surface of what Barista can do.”

Kumud Kalia, CIO, Guardant Health

“Espressive is the only vendor I have worked with focused on change management. Their Employee Adoption Program armed us with deliverables that were customized for our six divisions, ensuring high engagement levels.”

Peter McGarahan, Sr. Director, IT, First American Title

Frictionless Self-Help In a Work From Anywhere World

Espressive Barista, our AI-based virtual support agent (VSA), incorporates advanced NLP and conversational AI to automate resolution of employee questions, issues, and requests with personalized responses that result in elimination of 70% of help tickets, enabling you to recoup 1.2 weeks of productivity per employee per year.

The native Slack integration was a natural fit for Guardant since that’s how we share information with each other. The new integrated Espressive Barista functionality facilitated rapid employee adoption.

– Kumud Kalia, CIO, Guardant Health
Tickets deflected
On day one
Employee support

We had 40% fewer agents on our IT service desk versus the prior year when the work from home mandate brought a 292% increase in call volume. Barista scaled to do 99 agent days worth of work in one month.

– John Powers, Head of Client Support Services, Solar Turbines
Fewer agents
Jump in call volume
99 Agent days
Automated in 1 month
Ticket deflection

As an enterprise, we’re continuously hiring to keep up with our growth. With Barista, I don’t need to add help desk agents at the same rate because employees are going to Barista for help.

– John Jacobs, Head of IT Desktop Support, Dexcom
Accuracy rate
Ticket deflection
Email intercepted
Decline in phone calls

By introducing Barista, we’ve been able to cancel our outsourcing contract and improve employee satisfaction at the same time. We’re already seeing an ROI.

– Head of the Unified Endpoint Management Team
Tickets deflected
VDI password resets automated
Outsourced help desk

The level of support was overwhelming from both an operations and strategic perspective. Barista was useful on day one, and within a few months, our metrics had already been overachieved

– Director of IT and Infrastructure
Deflection in the first two months
Employee adoption
Achieved on day one

We achieved exceptional time to value by eliminating help desk phone support shortly after deploying Barista. This allowed us to quickly realize savings by reducing help desk costs approximately 75%.

– Head of IT
Reduction in help desk costs
First week ticket deflection
Help desk phone support

We integrated Barista with Microsoft Teams. Then we put Barista on all our company managed desktops, laptops, iPads, and tablets. We’ve also added Barista to our ServiceNow portal and our internal app dashboard. We’ve got Barista meeting team members wherever they work.

– Director of ITSM
Ticket deflection
On day one
Email channel support

We launched Barista with an immediate ROI. This is important in a hybrid work environment and is helping us propel our business forward.

Tickets deflected per month
Tickets fully automated monthly
Employee satisfaction

Use Cases That Span the Enterprise

  • Software Provisioning
  • Password Reset
  • Equipment Refresh
  • Email List Management
  • Application Migration
  • Business Continuity
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  • Employee Readiness
  • Onboarding
  • Vacation Requests
  • Open Enrollment
  • Life Moments
  • Benefits Inquiries
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