Espressive Barista -
Virtual Support Agent

Espressive Barista -
Virtual Support Agent

Automate resolution of
employee questions with AI




Ticket deflection

Employee adoption

Phrases understood

CIO Perspective Series

“Enterprises have to be able to run virtually. And digital transformation is what enables cost containment, so shifting money away from that doesn’t make sense.”

Julie Cullivan
CTO & People Officer, Forescout

“There is uncertainty in the economic forecast, so everyone has moved into cash conservation mode. That means prioritizing and expediting opportunities for an immediate, hard ROI.”

John Abel
SVP and CIO, Veritas

“There were three things top of mind for me: (1) data collection, (2) automation/efficiency, and (3) mental health. All of these will carry over into the next normal.”

Eric Johnson
CIO, SurveyMonkey

Effective Automation Requires
a Comprehensive Approach

  • Barista Employee Language Cloud
  • Employee Adoption Program
  • Unparalleled Customer Success
  • Highest Ticket Deflection
  • Continuous Feedback Loop
  • Enterprise Service Management

When the Pandemic Struck, Barista Scaled

We had 40% fewer agents on our IT service desk compared to the prior year when we were hit with a 292% increase in call volume due to the pandemic. Barista scaled to do 99 agent days worth of work to meet the demand – keeping workforce productivity strong.

– John Powers, Head of IT Client Support Services
Jump in
call volume
99 Agent
in one month

Fast Time to Value

750M phrases
understood day 1

Preloaded with
answers to industry

96% accuracy rate
designed in

62% ticket
deflection in the
first week

83% employee
adoption over time

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Use Cases That Deliver Results


  • Password Reset
  • Equipment Refresh
  • Software Provisioning
  • Email List Management
  • Application Migration
  • Business Continuity
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  • Employee Readiness
  • Onboarding
  • Vacation Requests
  • Open Enrollment
  • Life Moments
  • Benefits Inquiries
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