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AI is making our personal lives easier…


But getting simple things done at work is still a challenge.

Espressive's Barista, the world's first AI driven virtual support agent, automates resolution of up to 30%-50% of employee issues and questions.

What’s wrong with today's self-service portals?

Today’s self-service portals, knowledge articles, and chat bots aren’t designed for employees—that’s why they still call your help desk.

Our virtual support agent, Barista, delivers the help desk experience your employees want. Barista isn’t just smart. It’s contextually intelligent. And that makes all the difference. The self-service experience is consumerized, more natural, and on par with what your employees have come to expect from the agents supporting them. The result is effortlessly automated issue resolution that reduces help desk call rates by as much as 50%.

Employee Self-Service That Works The Way You Expect It To.

Barista caters to self-service needs of employees—24x7—across time zones and devices. Just like an additional staff member, Barista provides employees with answers, helps them complete tasks like password reset and laptop refresh, proactively notifies them of relevant outages, and opens help-desk tickets on their behalf. And it gets smarter every day, continuously learning from its interactions with your help desk agents and employees.

A cloud-first service, Barista deploys easily and integrates with your existing ITSM tools. Typically, Barista is up and running in three weeks or less.

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Espressive Benefit:

With Espressive’s Barista, your employees no longer have to browse countless articles to resolve their problems. Barista elevates the help desk experience by providing the employee with a single relevant answer. And when it doesn’t know the answer, Barista opens a ticket and brings a human expert into the conversation. Barista then learns from the resulting human interaction so it can resolve similar issues independently the next time. Like your help desk agents, only better.

Challenge 1: Call Deflection Rates

Your portals, knowledge articles, and chatbots don’t keep your employees from calling your help desk.

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Espressive Benefit:

Espressive’s Barista uses AI to automatically identify the correct department, ticket type, category, assignment, and more. When Barista creates a ticket on behalf of an employee, the ticket is automatically populated before an agent ever touches it. So your agents can focus on solving higher value issues.

Challenge 2: Agent Productivity

Are your agents spending too much time classifying, assigning, and re-assigning tickets?

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Espressive Benefit:

Most Espressive customers are up and running in 3 weeks or less, without requiring any professional services. The data scientist is built into our solution so that you don’t need one on staff. Barista is a quick study, too. It includes the “language of employees” out of the box and is pre-configured to handle the most common employee interactions.

Challenge 3: Time to Value

What if I don’t have time or budget for a 6 month implementation, and data scientists and other experts on staff?


But don’t take our word for it. Experience it.

Are you committed to advancing your enterprise's internal employee services?

  • Natural Language
  • Context-aware
  • 24 x 7
  • Scales to Demand
  • Completes Tasks
  • Guided Visual Process
  • Learns from Human Interactions


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