Espressive Barista Consumer-like Self-Help
for Enterprise Service Management

Espressive Barista Consumer-like Self-Help
for Enterprise Service Management

Achieve employee adoption of 50 to 60%
Reduce help desk call volume by 30 to 50%

6 Considerations When Designing
an RFP for a Chatbot
the EBook

Redefine How Employees Get Help

  • Bring the ease of consumer virtual assistants to the workplace
  • One place to go for self-service answers to questions and issues
  • Increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction
  • Focus resources on business success, not answering routine questions
  • Get more value from your ServiceNow deployment
Through 2022, organizations that use AI augmentation as an essential element in their digital workplace will boost employee Net Promoter Score by 20%.” – Gartner, “Use Digital Workplace
Programs to Augment, Not Replace, Humans With AI,” Manjunath Bhat, Matthew W. Cain. January 15, 2018.

What Customers are
Saying About Barista

"I'm crying right now. The onboarding experience is beautiful and those who see it will be amazed." ‐ Director of IT, Financial Services
"You guys blow the competition out of the water! It's a paradigm shift that can rock this organization and it's awesome!" ‐ Lead Analyst, Consumer Packaged Goods
"It's so engaging. I feel closer to my colleages, and all I thought I was going to see was a chatbot!" ‐ Head of User Experience, Global Pharmaceutical Leader

Exceptional Employee Experiences
Are Only the Beginning

Make it easy
for employees to
get help

Reduce help desk
call volume

Enable all parts of
the enterprise to
deliver great employee service

Automate outage
detection, alerts,
and notifications

Create innovative
workflows to
transform the business

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How Enterprises Use Barista


  • Help desk call deflection
  • Automate outage detection
  • Amazon-like shopping experience
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  • Increase new hire retention
  • Make it easy to get answers
  • Gain HR help desk efficiency
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  • Improve new hire productivity
  • Increase selling time
  • Gain sales operations efficiency
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Barista is the Industry Leading Virtual Support Agent

  • Barista is an AI expert so you don’t
    have to hire that talent
  • Our Employee Language Cloud gives
    Barista the ability to understand
    15M things the first day
  • Built on modern architecture to scale
    to the largest organizations
  • Context is applied to create
    personalized answers, which is
    what employees want

Employees Have Voted Against Portals.
It’s Time You Did Too.

Portals are costly and complex. They don’t reduce help desk call volume because enterprises don’t have a solid knowledge base foundation. Articles are technical and often out of date so employees often just give up. Why continue to invest resources in the past?

Barista is the industry’s first VSA and the only VSA to get smarter with every interaction. Unlike ITSM vendors, Barista was designed for the future so Barista will grow with you in every way. Say goodbye to portals and chatbots, and say hello to Barista today.

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Through 2020, 99% of artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives in IT service management (ITSM) will fail due to the lack of an established knowledge management (KM) foundation. ” – Gartner, Predicts 2018: IT Operations, December 4, 2017.

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