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Innovative virtual agent platform that boosts employee experience, productivity, and satisfaction from day one – guaranteed.

Advanced Capabilities for the Service Desk

Automate what service desk agents do every day.

Expect more.

Answering repetitive Tier 1 tickets is expected. Solving Tier 2 and beyond should be. Espressive Barista leverages the power of AI to understand employees’ needs and, when required, initiate runbooks to diagnose issues. Once issues are understood, Barista automates resolutions by easily walking employees through complex workflows, autonomously solving Tier 2 tickets and beyond — enabling agents to focus on critical issues and high touch interactions.

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Route tickets correctly.
The first time.

When employees don’t understand their issues they can’t populate tickets correctly, so tickets bounce from agent to agent until they are in the right place. Barista solves that by accurately classifying, assigning, and prioritizing tickets before routing them to the right agent in the right department the first time, eliminating ticket ping pong and dramatically improving mean time to resolution (MTTR).

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Don't let outages bring down the help desk.

Outage detection and notification, plus automated assignment of tickets to a parent, mean that organizations no longer need to divert significant resources when outages occur. Our Automated Outage Detection enables Barista to take that a step further by instantaneously determining the health of over 2,500 SaaS applications, verifying availability of on-premises applications, and identifying and resolving hardware and software issues autonomously.

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Elevate Employee Experiences

Barista delivers intelligent, fast, and friendly autonomous assistance.

Exceed expectations.

Delight your employees by bringing the ease of virtual assistants from their consumer lives into the workplace to deliver immediate, personalized resolution to questions and issues. If Barista doesn’t have an answer, a ticket is automatically generated and routed to the appropriate service team, providing a seamless handoff from Barista to agent. This gives employees time back in the day, making them more productive and increasing their job satisfaction.

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Deliver help everywhere they are.

Inertia of habit locks employees into what they are familiar with, so your digital technology must meet them wherever they are — in places like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or even on the phone. And when you meet them, you need to make it easy.

That’s why Barista understands employee questions across 15 departments and in over 100 different languages, giving employees one place to go with all questions across the enterprise.

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Resolve issues fast.

Most of the time employees don't understand the source of the issues they are experiencing, which is why they contact the help desk in the first place. Barista is a smart and engaging solution that reads between the lines, uncovers true needs, and resolves issues fast — delivering digital workplace assistance that elevates the experience of getting help at work.

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Built on a Blend of Advanced Next-Gen Technology

Employee Language Cloud

We bridge the gap between AI and human language with the expansive and continuously growing Barista Employee Language Cloud™, our language model that enables Barista to understand 97.8% of employee language, across 15+ departments and in over 100 languages. The Employee Language Cloud  can extract relevant information from existing customer knowledge bases, and is customizable through a secure customer layer.

The Integration Marketplace gives immediate access to thousands of pre-built integrations and out-of-box automations. When combined with omni-channel access, the Barista Experience Selector, and the Machine Learning (ML) Operations Team, customers can achieve resolution rates of 67% or greater.

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Experience Selector

The Barista Experience Selector™ is our ensemble model that combines generative AI, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and other AI technologies to understand an employee interaction and choose the best option for resolution. The Experience Selector prioritizes automating resolution, but can also extract answers from internal knowledge bases and external data sources.

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Barista Control Center

The Barista Control Center™ is the administrative interface to the intelligence behind Barista. It enables you and your team to take control through an easy, no-code experience to extend the Barista language model, design dynamic and interactive conversations, and integrate with virtually any API-enabled third-party system.

The Barista Control Center also incorporates a robust test environment, enabling customers to manage content in sub-production environments for rigorous testing before pushing to production.

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