Get a Deeper, More Accurate Understanding of Employee Language

Bridge the gap between AI and human language with our ever-expanding, domain-specific large language model.

Employee language

An Ever-Expanding, Customizable Language Model that Evolves with Your Business

The Barista Employee Language Cloud is a domain-specific large language model (LLM) that has been optimized for the employee domain and securely grows from every interaction. The language model has been trained across 15 enterprise departments and in over 100 languages, and contains out-of-box automations, pre-built integrations, and curated content. The Employee Language Cloud also includes a customer layer that can be optimized with customer-specific lexicon, content, and integrations to deliver the best employee experience.

Despite the size of our Employee Language Cloud, employees might ask questions that are better answered by a real-time data source such as the web or a public LLM like ChatGPT. Other times, creating a ticket might be the best way to resolve an issue. The Barista Experience Selector™ combines extractive and generative AI to understand the intent of an employee interaction and make a decision on the best possible outcome.

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Fastest Time-to-Value


Years of understanding in seconds.

Understands billions of phrases across the enterprise and around the globe. Delivering the highest phrase recognition on day one.


Built-in industry knowledge.

Includes researched answers for industry topics (e.g., Office 365, G Suite, Slack, and Zoom) so your team can focus on answers specific to your organization.


Highest resolution rate in the industry.

When the Employee Language Cloud is combined with omni-channel access, the Barista Experience Selector, and our Machine Learning (ML) Operations Team, customers can achieve resolution rates of 67% or greater.

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