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Barista & Slack: Unified Enterprise Support

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Leading AI-based Virtual Support Agent Automates Employee Questions, Issues, and Requests While Improving Help Desk Productivity and ROI with Slack

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 25, 2021Espressive, the pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) for enterprise service management (ESM), today announced an integration with Slack, enabling enterprises to consolidate employee self-help on their core collaboration tool. Espressive Barista, the company’s AI-based virtual support agent (VSA), now delivers a best-in-class native experience within Slack, automating resolution of employee questions, issues, and requests while enabling help desk agents to stop monitoring public channels. Through this integration, employees will have a single source of truth for answering all employee questions across the enterprise. Barista also provides comprehensive analytics so leadership can understand the health of their organizations, the productivity of their service teams, and employee sentiment overall. With Barista, organizations can experience greater help desk and employee productivity and a superior return on investment with Slack.

“The pandemic rapidly elevated the importance of digital workplace technologies,” said Pat Calhoun, founder and CEO of Espressive. “The need to replace in-person activities has heightened the use of collaboration tools like Slack, and we are seeing customers look to Slack as the single source of truth across the enterprise, replacing portals and even traditional IT support. While Slack is a great new channel for employees to get the answers and assistance they need, if not done right, it can lead to an increased workload for an already overworked help desk team.”

Native Slack Integration Improves Help Desk Agent Productivity

With the trend of IT support moving to Slack, help desk workload is increasing because agents have to monitor public channels to respond to questions. This is both time consuming and costly. In addition, there is no visibility into metrics such as ticket deflection or how long a service request takes to be completed, so management loses the ability to track mean time to repair (MTTR) or return on investment (ROI).

With native integration on Slack, Barista can be configured to monitor public channels so help desk agents no longer need to. Barista metrics are also available through the Barista Dashboard and reports, so management has visibility to understand agent productivity, employee adoption, and overall ROI. In addition, Barista is the only VSA that can export data to a customer-selected reporting engine via APIs, enabling power users to get a more in-depth view of metrics side-by-side with the metrics from other tools such as ServiceNow.

Employees Receive A Consumer-like Self-help Experience

Barista supports direct messages in private channels so employees receive immediate and personalized resolution to their questions, requests, and issues. Powered by advanced conversational AI, Barista can respond or ask clarifying questions in a thread to ensure the right response and to avoid the creation of a ticket. If Barista does need to open a ticket, employees can easily view pending requests and approvals in the unique Barista Homepage within Slack. This saves employees time and eliminates frustration when they need to follow up on a request since self-service details are readily available in one location.

Single, Secure Source of Truth for the Enterprise

Unlike competitive systems that focus only on IT, Barista supports 14 departments across the enterprise including HR, Finance, and Facilities. As a global solution, employees can also interact using one of nine native languages.Slack may not be the primary communication tool in all locations due to cultural differences. In addition to being available as a native app on Slack, employees can access Barista on a browser, portal, email, or phone via their desktops (Windows or Mac) or on mobile devices (Android or iOS). With Barista, employees can get the help they need no matter where they are and from whichever communication tool they prefer.

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About Espressive

Espressive, the pioneer in automating digital workplace assistance, and a 2022 Forrester New Wave Leader, redefines how employees get help by delivering exceptional employee experiences. Barista, the company’s virtual support agent (VSA), brings the ease of consumer virtual assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, into the workplace. Barista automates resolution of employee questions, issues, and requests with personalized experiences that result in employee adoption of 80 to 85% and reduced help desk call volume of 50% to 70%. Espressive is backed by Insight Partners, General Catalyst, and Wing Venture Capital, and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Visit for more information.

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