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Alteryx Utilizes Generative AI to Scale Support Without Compromising Employee Satisfaction

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"We were really looking to create a new generation of capability for end user services and support. We were trying to break the mold of IT ticketing and that someone has to physically address every question that comes to the service desk."

— Trevor Schulze, CIO of Alteryx


Alteryx powers actionable insights with the AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics. With Alteryx, organizations can drive smarter, faster decisions with a secure platform deployable in on-prem, hybrid, and cloud environments. More than 8,000 customers globally rely on Alteryx to automate analytics to improve revenue performance, manage costs, and mitigate risks across their organizations.


As Alteryx grew, so did the need for a scalable, self-help solution. Trevor Schulze, CIO of Alteryx, decided to implement a virtual agent and tasked his team to find one that would cost-effectively scale support while maintaining their high employee satisfaction scores.


The Alteryx team chose Espressive because of their team’s relentless focus on AI and willingness to partner. Together they launched both Barista, a conversational generative AI-based virtual agent to deliver employee self-help, and the Barista LLM Gateway, which provides employees safe access to large language models like ChatGPT.  


In April 2023, Alteryx launched Barista as their self-help solution. Employees were immediately able to use the Barista app on Microsoft Teams to resolve issues such as password reset, software provisioning, hardware requests, creating tickets, checking ticket status, and much more. Barista deflects 53% of the interactions that come through the Barista channels and has a 77% employee return rate.

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