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Fitness Firm Offers 24/7 IT/HR Support with AI

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Ticket deflection


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Email channel support

"We integrated Barista with Microsoft Teams. Then we put Barista on all our company managed desktops, laptops, iPads, and tablets. We’ve also added Barista to our ServiceNow portal and our internal app dashboard. We’ve got Barista meeting team members wherever they work."

— Director of ITSM


This fitness company employs over 30,000 team members, most of whom do not have assigned devices or company email addresses. Instead, team members are focused on helping guests and teaching classes and might use multiple shared devices in one shift. This made it difficult to get and give IT assistance, as the IT support team needed to immediately follow up to collect crucial missing information before team members moved away from shared devices. On top of that, calls to the IT help desk increased significantly due to the pandemic. Although the company leverages ServiceNow for ticketing, that didn’t reduce call volume or solve the shared device problem.


An employee self-help solution was needed to support team members when they needed assistance, no matter what device they were using. The fitness company launched Espressive Barista, an AI-based virtual support agent, integrated with ServiceNow to provide a self-help solution that employees could go to and receive immediate support, 24/7. Following a successful rollout with IT, HR and Finance saw the strong benefit of a self-help solution and decided to leverage Barista as well.  


Barista now provides a single place to get IT, HR, and Finance help, providing 24/7 coverage for all team members. The fitness company deployed Barista via Microsoft Teams and as an app on all shared devices, eliminating email as a path for reporting problems. This has created a better experience for team members while reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR). Since deploying Barista, the IT support team has seen a 67% decrease in tickets going to the help desk.

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