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AI Boosts Info Delivery & Cuts Costs for State Law Enforcement

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"By introducing Barista, we’ve been able to cancel our outsourcing contract and improve employee satisfaction at the same time. We’re already seeing an ROI."

— Head of the Unified Endpoint Management Team


This state law enforcement agency is responsible for the enforcement of the law and the administration of justice in a particular state. They carry out criminal and civil investigations, prosecutions, and other legal services.


The agency met unexpected challenges with the pandemic as many employees started working remotely and field investigations became more crucial. Even before the pandemic, employees weren’t happy with the support from their outsourced help desk and IT governance was not integrated so knowledge was scattered. Plus, the disparate systems were causing inefficiencies.


Espressive Barista, an AI-based virtual support agent, was integrated with Ivanti to provide a unified in-house solution. Barista gives immediate, personalized answers to employee questions and prioritizes the needs of field agents automatically. Barista also automates the agency’s top use cases, keeping repetitive questions from overwhelming their help desk.  


Since the initial release of Barista, 62% of all IT requests are being handled without human intervention. Barista has also enabled the agency to automate their top IT requests, taking care of 96% of VDI password reset questions. As a result of this level of automation, the agency was able to eliminate their outsourced help desk without hiring additional staff in-house.  

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