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DXC Expands Espressive Use to HR, Supply Chain

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Espressive Solidifies its Role as the Single Source DXC Employees and Customers Go to for All Questions

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 25, 2023 Espressive, the pioneer in automating digital workplace assistance, today announced that DXC Technology, a leading Fortune 500 global technology services provider, has expanded its adoption of the Espressive AI-based virtual support agent (VSA), beyond IT to include support for HR and Supply Chain use cases, with more in the future. Instead of managing a chatbot for every department, which is time- and cost-intensive, the Espressive VSA will be the primary source for answering IT, HR, and Supply Chain questions for employees. Today’s expansion builds on a successful partnership announced last year between DXC Technology and Espressive to embed the Espressive AI-based VSA within DXC UPtime™, a function of DXC’s Modern Workplace solution.

“My quest to provide a smooth, frictionless employee experience had us re-think our virtual-agent strategy,” said Kristie Grinnell, CIO of DXC Technology. “After the success we experienced leveraging Espressive within our IT help desk, we inquired to see if expanding Espressive across multiple departments was a possibility. In doing so, based on the results in IT, we believe we will lower the amount of time, resource, and cost to automate more repeated questions and tasks. This makes it easier for an employee to ask, ‘why can’t I log in?’ and ‘what is the status of my invoice?’ all in one place, significantly improving the employee experience.”

The goal is for DXC to be able to deliver a virtual agent experience to employees and customers that is fully embedded within their existing application, giving them a one-stop experience gateway for IT, HR, and Supply Chain. Specifically:

  • Fast time to Resolution in IT: Espressive provides DXC employees and customers an experience that is fully integrated within DXC UPtime™, with immediate and personalized answers to their IT questions through an improved overall employee experience, while gaining significant service desk efficiencies through automation.
  • Answering Repetitive Questions in HR: DXC will initially roll out Espressive to automate repetitive questions such as, “How do I request PTO?” and “What are my benefits?” In the future the company will leverage Espressive to automate the onboarding process from pre-day 1 through the entire employee lifecycle.
  • Automating Supply Chain Inquiries to Save Time: The automation with Espressive will save time for employees and the Supply Chain team when handling questions about invoices or purchase orders, removing the need for multiple emails to collect the right information.

“Through our open, no-code API-rich platform, DXC was uniquely able to embed Espressive into DXC UPtime™, leveraging automation through their IT chat interface,” said Pat Calhoun, founder and CEO of Espressive. “With Espressive, DXC will be able to automate the resolution of 50% or more of all help desk issues across the enterprise while delivering a world class employee experience.”

The Espressive AI-based VSA is powered by an advanced natural language processing (NLP) engine and sophisticated machine learning capabilities—delivering the highest automated resolution rate in the industry. Further, the Barista Employee Language Cloud architecture provides the solution for success in managing a language model, integrations, and content in one place that all customers benefit from. Customers also benefit from their own secure language cloud that is tuned specifically to them through lexicon, content, and integrations—a key requirement for MSPs.

Espressive is built for the enterprise—on day one, the Espressive VSA recognizes over 3.5 billion phrases across 15 departments in over 100 languages. It ingests existing knowledge bases, and includes pre-researched answers for tens of thousands of common industry questions around commercial applications, such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Zoom, SAP, Workday and others. In addition to over 50 out-of-the-box automations, Espressive integrates with thousands of third-party applications.

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Espressive, the pioneer in automating digital workplace assistance, and a 2022 Forrester New Wave Leader, redefines how employees get help by delivering exceptional employee experiences. Barista, the company’s virtual support agent (VSA), brings the ease of consumer virtual assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, into the workplace. Barista automates resolution of employee questions, issues, and requests with personalized experiences that result in employee adoption of 80 to 85% and reduced help desk call volume of 50% to 70%. Espressive is backed by Insight Partners, General Catalyst, and Wing Venture Capital, and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Visit for more information.

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