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DXC Chooses Espressive for IT Automation

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Leading AI-based Virtual Support Agent Barista Embedded into DXC Modern Workplace to Deliver Immediate Help for Customers, Fastest Time-to-Resolution, and Improved Employee Experience

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 21, 2022Espressive, the pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) for enterprise service management (ESM), today announced it is has been selected by DXC Technology to embed its AI-based virtual support agent, Barista, into DXC’s Modern Workplace offering.

Espressive will supply DXC Digital Support Services with a consumer-like virtual agent that empowers employees and delivers a personalized experience to resolve IT issues quickly, while increasing productivity. Along with deploying Barista for DXC customers, it will also be available to DXC’s virtual employee base of more than 130,000 employees.

“Our collaboration with Espressive comes as a result of our mutual philosophy to prioritize the employee experience as a way to achieve new levels of productivity, engagement, and collaboration,” said Mike McDaniel, President Modern Workplace at DXC Technology. “We believe in boosting employee productivity with automated support. As the customer-facing virtual agent embedded in DXC’s Modern Workplace platform, Espressive Barista provides us with one of the tools to deliver automation to our customers.”

DXC’s Modern Workplace solution empowers employees to connect, collaborate, and work seamlessly and securely on any device, anywhere. Disparate systems are brought into a single solution providing a centralized workplace. DXC Digital Support Services then provide a personalized support experience so employees can focus on work, not IT. Embedding Barista into the engagement platform now takes that to the next level by providing consumer-like self help.

“Barista was built for enterprise scale, resilience, and performance. It’s the ideal virtual agent to support a company with the scale of DXC with more than 130,000 employees. DXC manages over 10 million active Microsoft Teams users among its thousands of customers in more than 70 different countries,” said Pat Calhoun, founder and CEO of Espressive. “Built on an open, no-code platform, Barista delivers an extremely fast ROI without the requirement to build a virtual agent in house. Barista delivers a personalized experience to resolve issues quickly and get more work done, fulfilling DXC’s mission to boost employee productivity with automated support.”

With this collaboration, Barista will provide DXC’s employees and customers immediate support, fast time to resolution and an improved overall employee experience. The AI-based virtual support agent is powered by an advanced natural language processing (NLP) engine and sophisticated machine learning capabilities—delivering the highest automated resolution rate in the industry. On day one, Barista recognizes over 2.5 billion phrases across 22 languages, ingests existing knowledge bases, and includes pre-researched answers for tens of thousands of common industry questions around commercial applications, such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Zoom, and others. In addition to over 50 out-of-the-box automations, Barista integrates with thousands of third-party applications.

For more information on Espressive Barista, request a demo here.

About Espressive

Espressive, the pioneer in automating digital workplace assistance, and a 2022 Forrester New Wave Leader, redefines how employees get help by delivering exceptional employee experiences. Barista, the company’s virtual support agent (VSA), brings the ease of consumer virtual assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, into the workplace. Barista automates resolution of employee questions, issues, and requests with personalized experiences that result in employee adoption of 80 to 85% and reduced help desk call volume of 50% to 70%. Espressive is backed by Insight Partners, General Catalyst, and Wing Venture Capital, and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Visit for more information.

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