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Trimble's 73% Ticket Deflection & 24/7 Muiltilingual Support

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"Genie is instant. Wherever employees go to find support, Genie is available."

— Danielle Mayrberger, Senior Manager Global IS Service Delivery


From purpose-built products and enterprise lifecycle solutions to industry cloud services, Trimble is transforming critical industries such as construction, geospatial, agriculture, and transportation to power an interconnected world of work.


Trimble is a fast-growing company, yet their Information Systems (IS) help desk lacked an adequate solution for employees to get remote support. This led to an overburdened help desk team and lost productivity. To meet the demand of an increasing number of remote employees, Trimble needed a scalable, digital solution that would bring automation to the IS help desk. They embraced the idea of implementing a virtual agent as a single go-to solution to provide employees fast answers 24/7.


Trimble chose Espressive to provide their employees with a global self-help solution. The Espressive AI-based virtual agent was favored over other solutions because of its support for over 100 languages, robust ITSM integrations, and limitless automation capabilities. Espressive also committed to delivering a minimum deflection rate of 45%. The virtual agent, which Trimble named Genie, was integrated with Google Chat since this is the main way Trimble employees communicate.


Trimble launched Genie globally to be the go-to place for Trimble employees to get IS help 24/7. Since being deployed, Genie has handled over 10,000+ interactions, with a 73% ticket deflection rate and a 66% employee return rate. Because of this success, the Trimble team is already working to make Genie enterprise-wide by deploying to HR, and they have other support teams that want to utilize Genie as well.

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