Automate Your Help Desk
While You Improve Your ROI
With ServiceNow

Automate Your Help Desk
While You Improve Your ROI
With ServiceNow

Employee Self-Help Without An Expensive Upgrade

Was your help desk inundated with calls from the COVID-19 work from home mandates? You’re not alone. Employee productivity suffered with hold times nearing 2 hours. While ServiceNow offers a virtual assistant, it requires an uplift to the Professional License edition which is difficult in a time when budgets are being cut. In addition, it is a toolkit that requires many months of effort and expensive resources, such as data scientists, linguists, and developers, just to get to a minimally useful state.

Espressive customers had a very different experience when COVID-19 hit. Take a look:

  • 292% increase in call volume
  • 63% call deflection
  • 99 agent days of work performed by Barista
  • Integrated with ServiceNow

All Gain, No Pain

Integrating a new service into ServiceNow generally means hours of work followed by training of your service desk team. That’s not the case with Barista. Deployment is quick, and the only change for your service desk is they no longer need to spend the majority of their day answering routine and repetitive questions. That’s a change worth having.

Requires no change in how your service desk team uses ServiceNow today
Automatically leverages your catalog items, record producers, workflows, variables, and service requests
Integration is bi-directional to incident, service requests, change, and support connect
Works in conjunction with your portal and service catalog

Getting Help Just Got Easy

ServiceNow is a powerful tool that can be leveraged by multiple teams across the enterprise. However, with flexibility comes complexity for your employees, as they generally do not understand the differences between the various ServiceNow tables – nor should they. This is a reason why many help desks report that their users create incidents for everything. In the world of ServiceNow HR, the problem is even more acute, as there are 8 separate tables for employees to choose from.

With Barista, employees no longer need to understand the intricacies of your ServiceNow deployment. All they need to do is ask Barista for help, and Barista takes care of the rest.

Behind the scenes, we use NLP and neural networks to understand employee requests, and machine learning (ML) to predict the right department (e.g., IT, HR, Facilities) and associated table (e.g., incident vs. request). That means your help desk analysts can focus on what matters most – closing tickets.

Prediction That Works Like Magic

Barista self-customizes to your environment by using machine learning (ML) to learn from your historical ServiceNow data. When Barista opens a ticket on behalf of an employee, Barista uses this information to predict fields such as assignment group, category, CI, business service, and more.

And Barista doesn’t just rely on historical data – Barista is constantly learning and adapting based on changes that your agents are making. Not only is there no additional charge for ML and prediction capabilities, your agents do not need to learn a new process and professional services hours are not needed.

Barista machine learning and prediction work like magic.


Why Stop With Maximum Employee Engagement and Reduced Call Volume When Barista Can Do So Much More?

  1. Easy Catalog Creation With an Amazon-Like Shopping Experience
    • With one click, export products in your current service catalog
    • Easily give exported products a professional look
    • Barista automatically creates requests and executes your ServiceNow workflows
    • Easily create new items and stay up to date with the changing product landscape
  2. Maximum Adoption of ServiceNow Service Requests
    • Eliminate service catalogs that are difficult to navigate
    • Easily export your service requests from ServiceNow to Barista
    • Barista learns the language of your service requests and exposes the service to your employees
    • Barista collects information and automatically submits requests for employees in ServiceNow
  3. Automated and Streamlined Outage Detection and Resolution
    • Barista recognizes patterns and alerts the help desk of apparent outages
    • Once confirmed, Barista notifies employees that the problem is being handled so your help desk is no longer inundated
    • Tickets are automatically categorized to a parent so your help desk deals with one ticket vs. hundreds or thousands

Redefine How Your Employees Get Help

Are you ready to increase employee satisfaction and productivity while you lower costs? We’d love to show you how.

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