AI in Human Resources: How to Automate New Employee Onboarding

By Leah Phipps, Product Marketing
April 22, 2024

AI can be an extremely useful time saver for human resources departments, especially when it comes to automating processes with repeatable, predictable flows. One such process is new employee onboarding. Let’s take a look at one of the best ways to use AI for human resources, and the potential benefits automation can bring to your HR department’s onboarding process. 

According to Gartner1, “A massive 81% of HR leaders have explored or implemented AI solutions to improve process efficiency within their organization.”

More specifically, the Brandon Hall Group2 revealed that great employee onboarding can improve retention by 82%. Onboarding is such a critical touchpoint, since it is the first impression your new employee has working within your organization. Why not use AI to make this critical touchpoint as efficient and effective as possible?

What Does Automated Onboarding Look Like?

Onboarding a new employee requires a steady back-and-forth of paperwork, forms, and policy-driven tasks to be completed. Usually an HR professional is personally and manually guiding a new employee through these processes, and even the act of guiding a new employee through the onboarding process serves as the first warm touchpoint that they have with their new organization. 

That’s why it’s important to save time, keep this process personalized, and actually complete the onboarding faster so that everyone can get back to doing what they do best within the organization.

AI in human resources onboarding can bring powerful benefits. For example, what if…

  • …a virtual tool prompted new employees with onboarding messaging right away, instead of waiting for the next orientation cycle?
  • … AI already knew what resources the new employee needs based on their role, including getting role-specific forms filled out?
  • …those frequently asked initial questions like “where do I park?” or “what is the office dress code?” and “how soon does health insurance begin?” didn’t sit in your email inbox while you’re managing the day, but rather, those questions were already answered by a virtual assistant right away?
  • …your new employees felt like they got the answers they needed right away, without pulling HR professionals away from deep project focus?
  • …IT workspaces and email accounts were already provisioned, including necessary software the employee needs on day 1?

For all of these reasons, the end result of using AI in your onboarding process is not only a benefit to the HR team, but also a dramatically improved employee experience. Employees get initial processes and procedures completed faster, don’t have to wait for answers to key questions, and are able to get invested into their role and responsibilities faster.

How to Amp Up Your Onboarding Using Generative AI

Espressive has had tremendous success helping organizations bring generative AI to their HR department using their industry-leading virtual assistant, Barista. An AI-based virtual assistant can integrate with your system of record, your third-party HR tools (Workday, BambooHR, etc) , and your internal knowledge base to automate the manual tasks of onboarding like asset request, benefits enrollment, answering FAQs, and more. With the monotonous part taken care of, your HR help desk is free to help make each new employee feel welcomed and ready to succeed in their new role.

We outline our step-by-step process in our Successful Onboarding in 5 Easy Steps, which is available to download for free today. Let our team help you re-imagine your HR processes, and free up your team from monotonous processes while getting results even faster.

Other Ways to Implement AI in Human Resources

Aside from onboarding, there are numerous other processes that HR professionals can delegate to an AI tool. Espressive has helped enterprise companies also improve their recruiting, benefits management, wellness programs, performance reviews, offboarding, and more. The key remains simple: establish clear ROI for the HR department by saving time and resources on the most tedious, monotonous, and procedure-driven tasks so that your team can focus on quality service to the soul of the company. Check out the other ways that we have mastered the art of automating HR processes using AI here.

Our team can demonstrate how we do these things in a free demo scheduled at your convenience. To schedule a demo, fill out our form here and indicate in the form that you would like a demo specifically tailored for HR needs.


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