Opportunities Throughout
the Enterprise

Opportunities Throughout
the Enterprise

Service Management Isn’t Just for IT Anymore,
It’s for the Enterprise

ITSM vendors have tried to adapt legacy tools for use by HR and others. The problem is that these legacy tools were designed for IT, so they are expensive and complex to deploy and use over time. That’s okay with IT since they rely on these tools to run their daily operations. But that’s not okay for the rest of the enterprise. Adopting legacy ITSM tools by HR, Finance, and others is daunting.

The good news is that Barista was designed to meet the needs of the entire enterprise from the start.

Use Case: Barista for IT

Help Desk
Call Deflection

Automatic Outage

Shopping Experience


is the industry average call deflection rate resulting from an employee receiving an answer to a question or resolution to an issue from a knowledge base article

Help Desk Call Deflection

Your IT experts spend countless hours building the IT service portal and creating and updating knowledge base articles. That doesn’t make sense when portals aren’t making an impact. Employee adoption of portals is 10 to 15%, which means your help desk agents are overwhelmed by having to answer the same questions over and over again. With AI built in, Barista automates the answering of questions and resolution of issues so well that our customers report reduced help desk call volume between 40 and 60%. That means your experts can focus on key business initiatives.

30 to 45%

of IT’s time goes to detection and identification of outages after they have occurred

Automate Outage Detection

Outages are hard to predict, but when they occur they create a heavy load on an already overworked help desk team. Barista automatically identifies outages based on employee issues. Once this occurs, Barista can proactively notify employees of the outage and automatically respond to each inquiry that is outage related, resulting in a 40% increase in help desk productivity during these times. Barista also eliminates much of the post outage manual work in ITSM tools by automatically categorizing outage related tickets to a parent so IT can deal with a single ticket versus hundreds or thousands.

Amazon-like Shopping Experience

Barista makes quality catalog creation fast and easy, and notifies your catalog manager when the product landscape is changing so that you are always up to date. In addition, Barista integrates into your existing ITSM tool for fulfillment, so you get the best of both worlds – you maintain your investment while you get a great consumer-like catalog. The result is an Amazon-like experience for your employees, which means employee adoption and satisfaction is high while resources (time and money) to create the catalog are significantly reduced.

Use Case: Barista for HR

Make it Easy
to Get Answers

Increase New
Hire Retention

Gain HR Service
Delivery Efficiency

Make it Easy to Get Answers

Employees spend a large amount of time searching for answers to even the most basic HR-related questions. They go to portals to search, and when they can’t find an answer they open a case and wait … and wait … and wait. That infuriates them since HR issues are generally urgent in nature. Barista provides employees with answers to questions and resolution to issues, guiding them through complex processes with ease. With Barista, your employees are happier and more productive.


of executives say onboarding programs are a key factor in retention efforts, and companies with effective onboarding have seen a 50% increase in new
hire retention

Increase New Hire Retention

When Barista onboards your employees, they will feel like a part of your team from the day they accept your offer. Not only that, if you integrate the process with your HR and IT systems, they will have completed new hire forms and have their systems waiting for them at their desks. What a great way to start.

85 to 90%

of employees pick up the phone or send an email to ask a question rather than searching portals or intranets

Gain HR Service Delivery Efficiency

With Barista Case Management, your HR service delivery team will be able to get out of the world of emails and phone calls that prevent them from doing strategic work for the company. Now, when Barista doesn’t know the answer to a question, the question is routed to the HR service delivery team that you set up in just minutes. The most urgent requests are prioritized to the top of the feed, which simplifies case management. And, as the team answers questions, Barista learns and knows the answer the next time.

Use Case: Barista for Sales

Improve New Hire

Selling Time

Gain Sales
Operation Efficiency


of total business revenues are lost due to low productivity and ramp up time related to new hire training

Improve New Hire Productivity

In addition to ensuring your sales team has access to their hardware and software the moment they walk through the door, Barista also helps you to automate the sales enablement process. With Barista, your sales managers can track their staff’s onboarding progress, ensuring they address problems early on and minimize ramp time.


of a sales person’s time is consumed by non-selling activities, and that has a significant impact on the company’s bottom line

Increase Selling Time

Instead of wasting time with portals and chatbots, Barista provides sales people with answers to questions (e.g., “Where are the competitive battle cards?”), proactively notifies them of important events (e.g., there is a new accreditation program that must be completed in 30 days), and helps guide them through complex processes with ease (e.g., getting approval on a discount). That means sales people get to focus on selling versus searching.


of employees pick up the phone or send an email to ask a question rather than searching portals or intranets

Gain Sales Operations Efficiency

With Barista Case Management, your sales operations team will be able to get out of the world of email, phone calls, and chatter required to provide the global sales team with answers to questions and resolution to issues. Barista will answer most questions immediately. But if Barista doesn’t know an answer, the question will be routed to the sales ops team that you set up within the Barista service in just minutes. Questions will be automatically prioritized in the team feed, and Barista will learn every time your team steps in and will provide the answer the next time around.

Redefine How Your Employees Get Help

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