Use Cases That
Deliver Results

Use Cases That
Deliver Results

Featured Use Case: Business Continuity

When a crisis strikes, the IT help desk is inevitably met with a sudden surge of calls as employees try to navigate the situation. There is no way that help desk agents can instantly scale to handle the load, so employees end up on hold for two hours or more while mean time to repair (MTTR) rises. It is impossible to maintain business continuity under that situation. The good news is that Espressive Barista can handle the sudden surge in call volume, answering questions and resolving issues with a high deflection rate.

During the month of March when the pandemic hit Solar:

  • 40% fewer help desk agents vs. prior year
  • 292% jump in IT help desk call volume
  • 63% of help desk tickets deflected
  • 99 agent days automated by Barista

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Implement Use Cases That Matter to Your Employees

Barista supports unlimited use cases for service teams across the enterprise. Identifying and implementing the use cases that are most important to your employees will reduce help desk call volume while making your employees more productive.

Barista Use Cases for IT

Password Reset

Your help desk agents will never be monopolized by answering the password reset question again. Instead, Barista will guide your employees through every step of resetting their passwords. With multi-factor authentication, employees can reset their Active Directories or SAML 2.0 compliant passwords directly form Barista, just like they do with their consumer apps.

Equipment Refresh

As existing systems age, they need to be refreshed to comply with volume service contracts and to ensure that employees always have the latest security features. Barista makes it easy to track laptop owners and notify them when they are eligible for a refresh, ensuring upgrades happen on time.

Software Provisioning

When new or existing employees need access to additional applications, they are no longer required to go through your help desk agents to get it done. Barista routes their requests for appropriate approvals and, once approved, automatically provides access to the software without tying up IT resources.

Barista Use Cases for HR

Employee Readiness

Barista can send scheduled check-ins to ask employees whether they feel ready to return to the office after a work from home mandate. This informs leadership in real time so they can make timely decisions regarding the myriad of processes involved with bringing employees back to work.


Use Barista to answer new hire questions before they start, such as where they should park or what room their orientation is in. Barista also automates onboarding by integrating HR, Facilities, and IT requirements into one seamless process, so new hires are ready to go and feel like part of the team from day one.

Vacation Requests

Make it easy for employees to submit vacation requests with Barista. You can create customized workflows with approvals built in. For example, when employees ask about company holidays, you can provide the answer and give them the opportunity to submit vacation requests at the same time. You can even let them know how many vacation days they have remaining. The options are limitless.

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