15-Minute Demo: How To Deflect Tickets With Automation

By Leah Lindblom • September 28, 2021

Did you know you can resolve up to 76% of employee questions using Espressive Barista? Fran Fernandez, Chief Product Officer of Espressive, shows you how in a 15-minute video, the first in our demo series.

It starts with selecting a solution like Barista that incorporates advanced NLP and conversational AI to automate resolution of employee questions, issues, and requests with personalized results. Next is identifying your top call drivers—the questions that are creating the most tickets for your service desk. A common one is password reset, which typically accounts for 30% of help desk tickets. By integrating Barista into your identity management tools, Barista can reset the password for your employee right away, no need to create a ticket.

Barista comes with built-in automated workloads for password reset, as well as others such as software provisioning, group permissions, and even non-IT questions like, “When is open enrollment?” Barista can even automate the approval process for certain requests, such as access to a mailing list. This results in a better, more convenient experience for your employees while your help desk agents spend less time answering these repetitive questions.

But there’s more to Barista automation than built-in workloads. Barista leverages your existing knowledge base(s) to answer employee questions by providing snippets and links to relevant articles. Barista also comes with Barista Employee Language Cloud, which includes thousands of researched responses for common applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Zoom, Salesforce, etc. With the Employee Language Cloud, your help desk agents only need to maintain the responses most relevant to your organization. And, perhaps more important, Barista recognizes over two billion phrases out of the box, so accuracy rates are very high.

In this fifteen-minute video, Fran demonstrates all of these Barista capabilities and more. To see Barista automation in action, click here to view the video.

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