Achieving Deep Integration with ServiceNow is Quick and Easy

By Keith Parker • January 8, 2019

Last week Pat Calhoun wrote the blog, “Get More Value from Your ServiceNow Deployment in 2019.” The great news is that you can maximize your investment in ServiceNow by integrating Barista, our AI-based virtual support agent, into your ServiceNow instance. Because of our tight integration with ServiceNow, there is only a small update set required to get you up and running in days – not weeks or months. Integration is bi-directional to incident, service requests, change, and support. And integration happens without professional services hours and little effort from your team.

Once integration is complete, there is no change in how your service desk team uses ServiceNow. Although, they will find some things to be a lot easier. This, in turn, will deliver exceptional employee experiences.

For example:

  • Call volume will go down by 30 to 50%, which means service desk agents can focus on strategic initiatives versus answering repetitive questions.
  • Outage detection and notification will become automated, which means your team is no longer inundated with calls, email, and tickets related to outages. Barista also automatically categorizes similar tickets to a parent, which saves your team a significant amount of time during an outage.
  • Catalog creation will no longer need to be outsourced. Barista can automatically leverage your catalog items, record producers, workflows, variables, and service requests. It is literally a point and click process and you will have an Amazon-like experience for your employees.
  • Another thing that goes away is the time required to create knowledge base articles that become obsolete all too quickly. With Barista, your agents are creating answers every time they answer a ticket. So, Barista gets smarter when your agents just do their regular jobs.

So My Service Desk Will Be Happy, But What About Our Employees?

While quick and easy integration is important, if Barista isn’t able to increase employee adoption, then you won’t be able to reduce call volume to your service desk. With Barista, you will be be delivering exceptional employee experiences with an app that is both intuitive and accessible across Android and iOS mobile, Microsoft Windows and MacOS. Barista ensures employees get immediate, personalized answers to their questions, and help resolving issues and completing tasks like password resets. As Pat pointed out, you will also be furthering your digital transformation initiative while improving the perception of IT across the enterprise, leading to better NPS scores.

If you want to get the most out of your ServiceNow investment in 2019, click here to learn more.

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