Are Your Employees Breaking Up with Your Chatbot?

By Pat Calhoun • June 13, 2019

Research proves that apps better be fast, or they won’t make the cut with your employees. Here are a couple of stats to consider when building out your chatbot:

  • 80% of users delete apps due to poor performance1
  • 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load2

This is particularly true when it comes to conversational apps, or chatbots – your employees won’t stick around if the response rate is longer than 3 seconds. They expect “conversation-level speed.” Rather than wait around, they will just breakup with your chatbot and won’t look back.

Achieving this at scale is not a small feat. It requires a killer engineering team and a purpose-built software architecture that runs on a highly flexible and dynamic underlying cloud infrastructure. That is why we leverage the power of AWS to deliver Barista, our AI-based virtual support agent, as a cloud-based SaaS service that meets the performance requirements of today’s world.

Incumbent Solutions Were Architected Over Ten Years Ago

ITSM platform architectures were originally designed to allow help desk agents to open tickets. Some vendors built their solutions on a unique cloud-based architecture, which was considered quite innovative 10 years ago. They tailored their cloud architecture to meet the performance needs of processes that were not particularly processing intensive. Since that time, some of these platforms have stretched their capabilities to enable all kinds of automation, which has really helped IT transform, but has also added strain on overall system performance.

These architectures never took into account what would eventually be the high memory and processing requirements of AI technologies. In fact, while the requirements of a single chatbot interaction can be quite intense, success requires an architecture that can scale to thousands of simultaneous chatbot interactions. That requires a new way of thinking.

Redesigning a cloud architecture is not a simple task, especially one that is running the IT back-office of thousands of customers. Knowing this, legacy solutions have had to outsource their AI to third party providers, such as IBM Watson or Google. The problem here is that introducing third party systems creates significant challenges in controlling the end-to-end performance of chatbot interactions.

Modern Apps Require a Modern Architecture

Unlike these legacy platforms, Barista is designed to provide the speed and resiliency necessary to meet the intensive computational demands of modern AI implementations with an elastic, container-based architecture and stateless connectivity. The AWS EC2 architecture, AWS multiple data center availability, and the stateless connectivity of Barista ensure maximum performance no matter what the load.

Espressive Has Achieved Advanced Technology Partner Status in the AWS Partner Network

The APN Advanced Technology Partner designation is the highest APN Technology tier available. This achievement indicates that we have met the strict technical requirements put forth by AWS, including enterprise class performance, reliability, and security.

The bottom line is that our modern approach enables us to deliver the speed and resiliency that our customers need—even when Barista is used concurrently by hundreds or thousands of employees. Customers abandon conversational apps that don’t respond within 3 seconds. The good news is that Barista knows how to carry on a conversation in near real-time . . . and that’s how long-term relationships are built!



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