Espressive Partners With Cisco

By Pat Calhoun • October 27, 2021

I’m excited to announce that Espressive Barista integrates with Webex by Cisco as a native app, giving customers the ability to support a diverse, global enterprise. Our global customers have a mix of collaboration tools, and with this news we now support Webex by Cisco, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

This coincides with our vision from the start—delivering enterprise service management on an open platform. Employees receive immediate, personalized self-help 24/7 across 14 departments (i.e., IT, HR, Payroll) and in nine languages, simplifying the hybrid work experience. Employees can access Barista through a collaboration tool like Webex by Cisco, or through their browser, portal, email, or phone via their desktops (Windows or Mac) or mobile devices (Android or iOS).

In addition to delivering third party integrations like the one with Webex by Cisco, Espressive’s open platform approach enables customers to extend Barista’s reach to any RestAPI enabled third-party system to deliver end-to-end automation workflows. The Integration Designer, found in the Barista Control Center™, makes it easy for Espressive partners and customers to build integrations, which can then be made available via the Barista Integration Marketplace.

To learn more about our integration with Webex by Cisco, see our press release here.


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