IT Help Desks Are On The Front Line: Be Prepared With Our Rapid Assistance Program

By Pat Calhoun • March 31, 2020

When I founded the company nearly four years ago, it was in a very different time from today. But it is interesting to see how our core founding principles hold true whether the world is operating under “normal” circumstances or whether there is a global crisis as a backdrop.

I founded Espressive on the belief that getting help at work shouldn’t be so hard. While others focused on solving the problems faced by the help desk, Espressive shifted the focus to the employee—because employee adoption is necessary for self-service to be successful. At a time when employees are forced to work from home, self-service needs to become the new imperative for IT to survive.

Fighting The Impact of COVID-19 With Intelligent Automation

With COVID-19, IT help desks are getting hit hard with work from home mandates. We have heard from prospects that overnight call volumes rose 150%, and SLAs became a thing of the past as hold times approached 2 hours. But that hasn’t been true for Espressive customers.

With intelligent automation in place, even if you experience a 150% increase in help desk calls overnight, your virtual assistant will deliver the “extra resources” needed to deflect 60-80% of tickets.

The entire team at Espressive is committed to supporting the ITSM community through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. If you do not have intelligent automation relieving your help desk of repetitive questions, we can help.

Free 90-Day Rapid Assistance Program

Today I am proud to announce that Espressive is providing a free 90-day Rapid Assistance Program to quickly help enterprise organizations automate their IT help desks. By participating in this program, organizations will enable their agents to focus on critical issues while ensuring their employees are able to be fully productive at home.

The main goal of the Rapid Assistance Program is to significantly reduce calls going to your help desk in a very fast timeframe—often within days. In addition, it will help employees to gain full productivity more quickly, while helping ease some of the stress they are dealing with due to the current situation.

The Rapid Assistance Program includes Espressive Barista (AI-based virtual support agent) and Barista Case Management (ticketing). Enterprise organizations can get up and running in a matter of days due to the Barista Employee Language Cloud, a pretrained language model, and researched responses for thousands of IT topics (e.g., Office 365, Zoom, Slack, VPN access). With the Employee Language Cloud, Barista understands over 750 million employee phrases on day one—and those include topics specific to COVID-19 and working from home. This means Barista can automatically start deflecting issues for common employee questions, while providing you with an ability to easily customize responses for things that are unique to your organization.

The Front Line

The IT help desk has always been on the front line ensuring that workforce productivity is optimized. But today that is truer than ever before. Employees who have never worked from home are counting on the help desk to help them become productive. They are confused by what is happening in the world around them and at work. If we can help relieve some of that anxiety while helping enterprise organizations navigate these uncertain times with strength, this program will have succeeded.

I wish each of you and your families the best during these difficult times. If there is any way that we can help, please reach out at And if you are interested in participating in the Rapid Assistance Program, please visit our COVID-19 resource page to learn more.

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