Migrating to Office 365? Let Barista Make That a Positive Change for Your Employees.

By Keith Parker • March 26, 2019

Microsoft Office has long been the standard application suite used by enterprises. We are all familiar with the suite’s core products including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others. These products have become ubiquitous and people are simply expected to know how to use them. So, what happens when the applications we all know and love change?

That is exactly what happened when Microsoft moved their productivity suite from a traditional client-server model to a cloud-based service with the release of Office 365. Although Office 365 launched in 2011, many enterprises are still doing migrations and as they migrate, their employees often find that the applications they had been using for years are suddenly, and fundamentally, different.

The first significant change employees encounter is in the way they access Office 365. Applications that previously resided on their local systems now run in the cloud.  Files previously saved to local disk or as a network share are now also stored in the cloud. Features and tools that were once second nature for an employee to use are suddenly not to be found or are accessed in a completely different manner.

Despite all of the pre-training and knowledge base articles that you provide, employees are bound to feel frustrated as they try to navigate their new productivity tools—because no one likes change. And that frustration will turn to panic when employees start missing deadlines. What happens next? Your help desk agents will find themselves inundated answering the same Office 365 questions over and over again. That’s not a good use of time or budget. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Automatically Answer Office 365 Questions and Keep Your Service Desk Productive

Espressive Barista, our AI-based virtual support agent, saves the help desk by coming pre-populated with hundreds of the most common questions and answers for Office 365 migrations. When employees can’t find tools that have changed, have trouble navigating between the online and local versions of Office applications, or have any other problem, Barista can immediately provide an answer without help desk intervention.

Barista is able to provide employees with immediate, personalized answers because of the Barista Employee Language Cloud which is prepopulated with hundreds of answers to the most common Office 365 questions. These include how to use applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Visio that may have changed with the release of Office 365. But it also includes topics such as downloading and installing Office 365 applications, instructions for access on mobile devices or on the web, how to setup and sync OneDrive and SharePoint, adding profile photos, and much more.

Plus, Barista knows context about the employee asking the question, so the answers provided are specific to that individual. For example, Barista will know if an employee is using a Mac or a PC.  Barista will know what applications the employee is licensed to use, where they located, and more, so answers are tailored to the individual asking the question.

In the event that Barista does not know the answer to a question, instead of disconnecting from employees and sending them elsewhere to open a help desk ticket, Barista brings a help desk agent into the conversation. The agent automatically receives all the details of the employee’s request so an answer can be provided as quickly and easily as possible. Barista then stays in the conversation to learn from the human interaction. That way the next time someone asks that same question, Barista will know the answer. In other words, Barista learns by your help desk agents closing tickets, eliminating the need to write and update knowledge articles. Because of this, the Employee Language Cloud is constantly growing. This ever-expanding cloud is always available via a crowd sourcing model to all Espressive customers, while anything specific to a given customer remains their intellectual property.

It has been said that no one likes change . . . and migrating to Office 365 is a big change. But thanks to the prepopulated answers to common questions in the Employee Language Cloud, combined with the ability to understand questions no matter how they are asked, Barista can make that change an easy transition for employees and the help desk. And that is a change for the better.

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