Espressive: Focused on Customer Success

By Alex Yupanqui, Chief Customer Success Officer
December 14, 2022

As Chief Customer Success Officer, I felt it was important to write a blog about what the Forrester Report had to say about Espressive and customer success. They had a lot to say, and I would like to share my perspective on how Espressive makes customer success our top priority every single day.

Vendor Profile Section – You Will Find Espressive Listed First

The very first sentence in the Forrester Report’s Vendor Profile Section on Espressive states, “Espressive has created a chatbot platform aligned to customer success.” In a way, I could end the blog here because that sentence sums up our strategy and its impact on customers. But I won’t. Instead, I’d like to highlight what else the Vendor Profile section of the report said about customer success.

  • Forrester referred to the value our customers achieve from our investment in our Employee Language Cloud (ELC) by saying: “…Espressive uses a combination of managed-language cloud and vendor-delivered support to ensure that all customers are successful with its platform.”
  • Forrester, in our opinion, validated our overall customer success approach by saying: “Strategically, Espressive has fully aligned itself with customer success with its robust partner strategy, included services to ensure that its customers’ products meet end-user expectations, and built a pricing model with contract mechanisms designed to guarantee positive user outcomes.”
  • Forrester referred to our strong product and well-honed deployment philosophy be saying: “Espressive’s strengths lie with its ease of deployment and its employee language cloud, lowering the customer adoption burden. The company accomplishes this by taking on language training and optimization, directly guiding adoption, managing maintenance, and providing premade assets.”
  • We believe Forrester validated our approach by speaking to some of our customers: “All reported that the solution is easy to adopt and brought value to their organizations quickly, with one labeling Espressive as an ‘incredibly willing’ partner that assisted throughout the process.”
  • And finally, they summed it up by saying: “Espressive is a good choice for . . . a partner that’s willing to guarantee success."

Our Formula for Customer Success

Enough about what Forrester wrote. Here are the key things that we do that I believe exemplify our dedication to our customer’s success:

  • ML Operations Team – Our strategy to guarantee customer success means we don’t just stop with designing the best Employee Language Cloud and NLP engine. We back that up with our ML Operations Team. We believe it’s important to hire the data scientists, computational linguists, and machine learning engineers so that our customers don’t have to. The ML Ops Team focuses on language model design, performance, operations, and tuning to ensure that our customers receive industry leading deflection rates. The combination of the ELC and the ML Ops Team enables us to commit to achieving deflection goals, which means we put part of our revenues at risk to ensure that deflection levels meet our customers’ ROI requirements.
  • Employee Adoption Program Employee adoption is designed into Espressive Barista through our omni-channel approach. We meet employees where they are today instead of forcing them to change habits that they have done for years. In addition, we offer an Employee Adoption Program that aligns to each customer’s culture and brand. We design a communication plan that extends over time, with deliverables that grab attention, train, and inspire employees to give Barista a try. We even make it fun with gamification.
  • Implementation, Go Live, and Ongoing Customer Success – Espressive has a well-defined and proven 4-step implementation methodology that enables customers to deploy in 6 to 8 weeks while achieving immediate ROI. We provide white glove service to ensure that our customers fully realize the value of their investment in Espressive while driving positive business outcomes. Whether during implementation, go live, or ongoing over time, we are completely aligned to helping our customers achieve their goals, building a roadmap to ensure they are attained.

The Bottom Line

With the strength of the Espressive Barista platform and our intense focus on customer success, we are so confident that our customers will succeed that we put part of our revenues at risk to prove it.

I invite you to read a complimentary copy of the Forrester report here. It is easy to find us in the Vendor Profiles section – Espressive is listed first.

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