Getting Outliers to Use Your Virtual Agent

By Pat Calhoun, Chief Executive Officer
October 11, 2022

I attended a quarterly business review for one of our strategic customers this morning and the topic of adoption came up. They are seeing great adoption overall, but still have some outliers who are not aware there is a virtual assistant available to them across several different channels.

The customer is doing everything right. As I said, they embraced our omni-channel approach to be sure that Espressive Barista is meeting employees where they are rather than forcing them to learn something new. And they are leveraging all the organizational change management best practices that are part of our Employee Adoption Program. This program includes fully branded digital assets, videos, and training for their employees.

But they weren’t satisfied with great adoption – they wanted to convert the outliers too. So, they took it upon themselves to go one step further and prioritize tickets coming in from Barista. By making sure that tickets coming from Barista are prioritized over other tickets it speeds up employee response time. As the word gets out, it is just a matter of time before everyone decides to go to Barista first.

I really want to applaud this team’s ingenuity. This is a great practice worth sharing with all our customers.

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