Our Formula for Customer Success

By Alex Yupanqui, Chief Customer Success Officer
July 13, 2023

The intention of a customer success program is to implement a strategy to ensure that every customer achieves their desired outcomes when using a product or service.

At Espressive, customer success isn’t just a good intention—it’s part of our core strategy. We believe in building a partnership with our customers from the start to enable both a successful product launch and  continuous success over time.

Since we first launched Barista, we have honed in our formula on customer success. It’s more than just building great technology; it’s about creating a platform and a company culture that is aligned on seeing our customers succeed.

Customer Success Team

Proof over promises. That’s our commitment. It’s apparent at every stage of your journey with us as our Go Live, Customer Success, and Customer Support teams focus on your success. Your Espressive Customer Success Manager aligns to your goals and builds a roadmap to ensure you reach them at every stage—from implementation to launch and beyond.

Bi-weekly status meetings are the foundation of our on-going partnership. We will review interactions plus any updates, and get expert guidance on new integrations to automate processes that will help you reduce costs. Quarterly business reviews take a deeper dive to ensure expectations are being met and align on top goals for the coming quarter.

Employee Adoption Program

Our Employee Adoption Program is built on core organizational change management (OCM) principles to help customers maximize adoption. We design a communication plan that extends over time, with deliverables that grab attention, train, and inspire employees to give Barista a try. And since employees will consume information differently, we offer a variety of deliverable formats—from videos to infographics—to capture everyone’s attention.

ML Ops Team

The Barista Employee Language Cloud is our domain specific large language model (LLM) that securely grows from every customer interaction. Behind the scenes, our Espressive Machine Learning (ML) Operations team ensures the Employee Language Cloud gets smarter and delivers more value to customers over time. The team achieves this by:

  • Customizing the specific lexicon and content for the customers enterprise
  • Optimizing top call drivers and more to achieve higher deflection
  • Tuning the model to improve the customer layer to ensure accuracy
  • Measuring ongoing performance metrics against ROI goals

With the ML Operations team, customers don’t have to hire and retain experts to optimize the Employee Language Cloud—we already have them.

Your Success is Our Success

At Espressive, we have worked to create a formula that combines our AI-driven technology with an unparalleled focus on customer success. And we’re all about proof over promises—so request a demo today to meet the team and see us in action.

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