Prioritizing Privacy on a Global Scale

By Ray Cruz, Head of Security and Compliance in Engineering
August 31, 2023

Espressive has a multi-pronged approach to data privacy so that customers can have the peace of mind they deserve. This approach includes applications that are written with minimum personal information requirements, as well as ensuring that customer data resides in our customer’s region of choice. We also prioritize strong customer data encryption in-transit and at rest standards and enforce the principle of “least privilege”.

Espressive has the architecture, strategy, and security framework that allow us to customize and prioritize privacy even on a global scale. We achieve this through our global readiness, dynamic scalability, and by maintaining compliance and certification.

Global Readiness

Espressive currently operates in a region provisioning model that allows us to provide Espressive services in any region required by our customers. Currently, Espressive has data centers already launched in the North American, European Union (EU), and in AWS GovCloud (US) regions. These data centers adhere to not only global standards, but also to data residency requirements specific to those regions.

But we don’t limit ourselves: Espressive customers are all over the world, therefore, we will not constrain our offerings to a fixed list of regions. Our architecture is built to be nimble, and our global-first approach ensures our customers the flexibility and customization needed to operate anywhere they need. In other words, if we don’t already have a data center where a customer needs one, we can provision it—it’s that simple.

Dynamic Scalability

Unlike legacy ITSM solutions that use per-customer virtual machines (VMs) that have upper performance limits, Espressive was designed with performance in mind by taking advantage of an elastic architecture with a modern, container-based design. The container-based architecture used by Espressive Barista, our AI-based virtual support agent, leverages the on-demand scalability of AWS to deliver continued performance, even at peak loads with thousands of simultaneous users.

Compliance and Certification

Espressive is proudly compliant with some of the world’s most stringent security protocols. Maintaining compliance and certification is reliant on the expert implementation of fundamental, effective security, and privacy practices such as role-based access control, principle of least-privilege, encryption in transit and at rest, and multi-factor authentication.

Prioritizing Privacy from the Start

Espressive ensures the highest standard in confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customer’s data. This is demonstrated through our ability to securely provision services in the customers’ region of choice, our privacy by design strategy, our strong commitment to the principle of “least privilege”, and our alignment to ISO 27001/28018 controls.

To learn more about our security strategy at Espressive, visit our Security page.

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