The Meteoric Rise of ChatGPT

By Criss Marshall, Chief Marketing Officer
July 19, 2023

Today I asked ChatGPT what other technology in history compares in terms of how quickly it added users. The notable examples that ChatGPT cited include:

  • The Internet
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Mobile Phones and Smartphones
  • Instant Messaging Apps
  • Video Streaming Services
  • E-commerce Platforms

That’s an impressive list. So impressive it looks like ChatGPT is just bragging – until you remember that it added 1.6B users in just 4 months. And it’s not slowing down. ChatGPT told me that its unprecedented user adoption is a “meteoric rise.” I must agree.

The Pros and Cons

ChatGPT and other LLMs are literally revolutionizing the way people gather data and make informed decisions. It has the potential to eliminate mundane tasks and enhance complex communications. It can even detect and correct faulty code. Add in the ability to draft content, translate text, and more, and it becomes easy to see why it gained popularity so quickly.

The problem is that CIOs are concerned. Wall Street banks are banning or limiting use due to perceived risks. And enterprises like Samsung are limiting use after discovering misuse. These organizations are considering the potential data privacy and confidentiality breaches as well as the accuracy and reliability of output since ChatGPT is known to hallucinate and plagiarize.

But banning or limiting access to ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Azure GPT is difficult to do because employees aren’t asking permission. Employee Benefit News reported that 43% of employees are using ChatGPT at work. And, of those employees, 68% have NOT told their managers. Instead, organizations need a safe and responsible gateway to enable them to put in safeguards while still gaining the massive benefits that generative AI and LLMs can deliver. Espressive Barista can act as that gateway.

A Safe and Responsible Approach

The Espressive Barista LLM Gateway enables organizations to enforce policies, such as not permitting the sharing of source code or PII, as well as providing the ability to “turn off” LLM access for areas such as Epic Systems in healthcare organizations, or HR questions.

Safeguards include:

  • Verify policy compliance (e.g., no source code, no PII, no data with customer names)
  • Disable access to LLMs for specific content areas (e.g., Epic or HR)
  • Restrict questions to only those that are work related
  • Remind employees that responses from LLMs may not be accurate

From Novelty to Necessity

Remember trying ChatGPT for the first time? It was a novelty – something you were likely amazed by and something you shared with colleagues and friends. But after some experimentation, you realized that ChatGPT and LLMs are the next step on the never-ending journey to cut costs and do more with less. Reducing costs through automation is a necessity and ChatGPT can help you get there – if you implement it in a safe and responsible way.

When you integrate Espressive Barista with an LLM you will have the best of both worlds. Autonomous resolution rates will increase, driving down the costs of employee service management while driving up employee satisfaction and productivity.

85% of organizations view automation as helping them attract and retain talent, which helps them deal with the labor shortage. 71% want to automate mundane work to save time and up-level employees while lessening the impacts of burnout and turnover. 59% see automation as a key driver to saving money – a necessity in today’s economy.

Learn more about safe and responsible access to LLMs like ChatGPT here.

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