The Perfect Blend

By Pat Calhoun, Chief Executive Officer
June 7, 2023

An exceptional cup of coffee isn’t just about the coffee beans. It takes the perfect blend of ingredients and steps to come out right – coffee beans, roasting process, grind size, water quality, brewing method, brewing ratio, and freshness.

The same holds true for a virtual agent. To truly redefine how employees get help at work you need the perfect blend of digital experience, intelligence, and automation. And you need the right strategy. We were founded on the belief that getting help at work shouldn’t be so hard. While others focused on solving the search problem, we focused on automating what service desk agents do every day – actually resolving employee problems.

The innovative Espressive Barista platform takes on the role of the service desk agent, bringing the best of human experience with the best of artificial intelligence. Barista engages with employees to understand their issues and gain clarity so the best possible resolution can be delivered. That’s how we achieve the highest resolution rates in the industry while saving costs and boosting employee experience, productivity, and satisfaction starting day one – guaranteed.

So, what is the perfect blend of AI-technology for a virtual agent? We believe it’s a combination of the Barista Employee Language Cloud, Dynamic AI Core™, and Barista Control Center™.

Employee Language Cloud

We bridge the gap between AI and human language with the expansive and continuously growing Employee Language Cloud, a domain specific large language model (LLM) trained on over 4 billion phrases across 15 departments and in over 100 languages on day one. The Employee Language Cloud comes with curated content for industry wide questions, can extract relevant information from existing customer knowledge bases, and is customizable through a secure customer layer. The Integration Marketplace gives immediate access to thousands of integrations and out-of-box automations.

Dynamic AI Core

The Dynamic AI Core blends the most advanced natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU), and machine learning (ML) technologies to perform the tasks of a service desk agent while delivering best-in-class self-help experiences to employees across the enterprise. It uniquely adapts in real-time to predict, understand, and disambiguate requests, while engaging with employees to deliver exceptional experiences that result in high adoption, productivity, and satisfaction.

Barista Control Center

The Barista Control Center is the administrative interface to the intelligence behind Barista. It enables you and your team to take control through an easy, no-code experience to extend the Barista language model, design dynamic and interactive conversations, and integrate virtually any API-enabled third-party system. The Barista Control Center also incorporates a robust fully automated test environment, enabling customer to manage content in sub-production environments with peace of mind that changes are improving the employee experience.

With this perfect blend of AI-based technology, Espressive customers achieve between 52% and 74% resolution rates, and deploy in just 6 to 8 weeks with day 1 ROI.

I am a coffee-lover (as you can tell by our name – Espressive), and I can quickly tell when a cup of coffee incorporates the perfect blend. I invite you to visit our new website at to learn more about how our virtual agent, Barista, serves up the perfect blend for your employees!

Oh, and if you are interested in grabbing a cup of joe, ping me.

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